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When it comes to acting in general, you have actors who play a role and move straight onto another one, but then there’s the ones who live for the role they played. Sure, they’ll do other stuff, but some characters they simply love. In fact, they’re so passionate about the role so much that you’ll often see them talking about it, doing the voice, dressing up like them, or whatever else they can think of. Perhaps even a Zelda A capella with the Summersett Sisters?!

One such actor, is Patricia Summersett, who first blew us all away when we heard Zelda speak for the first time, at E3 2016. She then proceeded to stun us with her vocal performance in Breath of the Wild last year and has since gone on to be very grateful for the huge honour Nintendo gave her. But, now she has done something truly wonderful.

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild having celebrated its anniversary earlier this month, Patricia Summersett has banded together with her sisters, for a touching tribute. Now, I’m not normally a fan of A Capella, but with the help of her sisters (Kathryn, Annette and Jane Summersett,) they absolutely killed it! So, if you have 3 more minutes to spare, here’s their take on excerpts from the Zelda theme song, Dragon Roost Island, Zelda’s Lullaby and the Breath of the Wild theme:

Zelda A Cappela Tribute By The Summersett Sisters

If you enjoyed Zelda A Cappela Tribute By The Summersett Sisters. Be sure to head on over to YouTube and let them know what you think of this wondrous creation.



Source: Patricia Summersett (YouTube)

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