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After putting plenty of hours into Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, I came across a little Easter egg. It was in fact, a reference that every Legend Of Zelda fan will notice instantly. It is in fact the design of the Triforce on three pieces of jewellery that you can find in game. What makes it stand out even more is that each item has a distinct colour that coordinates with the colours associated with Power, Wisdom and Courage (Red, Blue & Green).

And a closer look:

This may sound like coincidence but I actually got the Creative Director of the game, Fabio Pagetti to confirm its intentional inclusion.

It was a small tribute that was included in the original mobile version that was overlooked due to the much smaller screen.

This is made extra special because Fabio Pagetti was the second developer who, with Davide Soliani, tried to create a demo for a GBA version of Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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