Whether you like the Fire Emblem series, love it and/or just can’t get enough of it, then good for you. For me, Fire Emblem is one of those series’ that I never really got into until the more recent years and the two games I play the most are none other than Warriors and Heroes. I know neither of them are true games and I do play Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright as well, but there’s just something about Heroes I really like.

From constant content, to regular events, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are constantly making sure the game is still appealing and even going as far as creating wallpapers for the many, many Heroes of Fire Emblem Heroes, and that’s why we’re doing this gallery piece. While it is true you can download a wallpaper of whatever character you vote for each day, as part of the A Hero Rises voting event, it won’t give you all of them

Fortunately though, a reddit user has compiled a whole ton of them and we’re going to be sharing them, right here in this article and it’s thanks to @FEHeroes_News and ZXLucario that we got to do that, so thank you guys, you’re awesome! We hope you enjoy what you see, because there is an awful lot of it:

Source: @FEHeroes_News (Twitter) & ZXLucario (reddit)

By Jack Longman

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