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On May 9th 2018, Nintendo will be terminating their first mobile App Miitomo. Since the app was first released, Myself and many others around the world have enjoyed logging into the App and having fun with all the different outfits, answering questions, making our rooms unique and taking pictures with the Miifoto function.

It has been a unique experience that many creative people have used to make their own Youtube videos, create interesting pictures with their Miis and broadening their range. It has even helped people through some of their darkest moments by given them a means to escape the harsh realities that they face day by day.

We want Miitomo to grow and flourish, it has so much potential that it is not reaching. We know that maintaining this app uses resources that could be better used in creating even more fun and interesting games, but they wouldn’t be Miitomo and we will all be lost without it. All our precious time and money that we have poured into Miitomo because we love the tiny escapism that it gives us. To lose everything that we have put in to make Miitomo unique to us is just deeply saddening.

I know that to many it is just some silly app created as a means to make money and help sell Nintendo Brands, but for some of us that actually cared about Miitomo, It has allowed us to be creative with ourselves and be more expressive than we probably are in real life.

This petition will not cease the termination of Miitomo, but if we can get enough publicity, than maybe Nintendo will see just how much Miitomo means to those that really enjoy it. So come on everyone! Let’s join together and #SaveMiitomo!

You can make your voice hears right now by signing our petition on Change.org here.

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