[Video] Nintendo Announces “Nintendo Labo” The Cardboard Accesories for your Switch

Alas! The Nintendo UK announcement that we have been waiting the last few hours for has dropped and well, I must admit if you told me yesterday, this is what they were planning I would think you mad. Now that I have seen it, it is clear that Nintendo have gone mad, Cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch! I know that children can make wonders with cardboard like spaceships, Forts and soap box karts but for Nintendo to actually create accesories for the Nintendo Switch out of cardboard, Someone has clearly flown over the cuckoos nest at the Big N.

Here is the announcement video in case you don’t believe me and need physical proof.

I was really hoping that the Nintendo Pixelbits rumour was true, but I am sure this will probably bit a hit with small children as it combines crafting and gaming and does look like it could be fun!

If you would like to know more, you can find the official Press Release here.


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    • I think young children will enjoy it. The Switch has proven to survive falls from 1,000 feet so wrapping it up in plastic and giving it to five year olds shouldn’t be a problem, unless they are planning on mailing it somewhere.


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