Kimishima Talks About Switch Momentum, Comparable To Wii

In a recent interview with The Mainichi Newspaper, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima spoke about his thoughts on the popularity of the Nintendo Switch and how it relates to Nintendo’s last highly successful console, the Nintendo Wii.

Mainichi- Does the number of switches sold exceed the big hits of the Wii? 

Kimishima- There are differences depending on the region, but worldwide is comparable to Wii momentum. I think that despite the fact that the home console that can be played for a long time has a lot to play regardless of where in the house, even if it is taken out. Those that bought the console early, are a lot of fans that really like Nintendo games.

Mainichi Is this momentum likely to continue? 

Kimishima- Our software is mainly focused on families. From now on we look at our competitors’ software for the types of games we are not making to help expand our audience. More interesting game consoles may come out from other companies, so the momentum stops as soon as we do not think about new ways of playing. 

Mainichi- The game industry is said to be fiercely ups and downs. 

Kimishima- All good things can be forgotten someday. The history of video games for Nintendo is still only 30 years. In the future, the advancement of technology may change the way surprise is delivered to customers. It is important that you always have your own unique ideas to be able to maintain revenue.

Kimishima also said that because of Mobile gaming is still growing, it will be a challenge to expand their software, their user base and to make the Switch a long running console.

Source: Mainichi Newspaper


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