The Splatfest Bulletin #3: The Joke is on Team Action! Team Comedy Laugh their Way to Victory!

Smile, it’s good for you and you know what else is good for you? Laughter!

Welcome to yet another instalment of The Splatfest Bulletin, our regular summary dedicated to sharing the results of the latest and greatest Splatfests!

With the first global Splatfest and first Splatfest for Splatoon 2, well and truly over the results are in and it is Team Comedy who emerged victorious with a 2-1 Victory. Action may have been more popular with 58% of the votes compared to Comedy’s 42% but the jokers held their own and won both Team and Solo battles with 51% of the victories. Now despite this being a global victory, it does of course mean Marina has finally won for the first time in Europe, if that’s how you wish to view it.

Talking of viewing, Pearl had a bit of an outburst in reaction to the results and we used the screen capture to film it, so if you have yet to see the meltdown for yourself, here it is: 

Until next time, Stay Fresh!


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