The Rumour mill is churning away again, this time it is of ‘footage’ of a Nintendo Switch running on version 5.0. It will apparently bring themes with it along with other features like cloud storage but cracks begin to appear which get more obvious the more times you watch.

There are a number of discrepancies that lead to this being an elaborate fake. The YouTube logo is an older logo which may have been taken from old stock images, which doesn’t make sense seeing as if this was from somebody at Nintendo, they would have access to the newer logo. Even a hoaxer could have gotten the new logo straight off of Google Images if he really wanted to seal the deal. On the theme page, The ‘g’ in Legend of Zelda is not the same font as the word ‘Settings’ which casts even more doubt. It is also worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch has been proven to be hackable and can use Homebrew. This may be why the UI in the footage looks so realistic, because it may be a “hacked” switch console and that these ‘features’ we see have just been modded in to make them look real.

The original video that was uploaded by NOATest063 was taken down but you can watch a reuploaded version courtesy of indiecorex2.

Source: indiecorex2 (YouTube)

By Mike Scorpio

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