[Japan] Nintendo Switch Has NOW surpassed Wii U Lifetime Sales

The Nintendo Switch has at last surpassed the Wii U’s total lifetime sales in Japan. Previous reports that stated that the Switch had already reached this milestone were premature as the console was actually shy of a few thousand units according to information from several sales trackers. It has been confirmed by Famitsu, using their sales data, that the Switch has sold 3,407,158 units and has beaten the Wii U’s lifetime sales of 3,301,555 in Japan.

It would be most interesting to know how many units the Nintendo Switch has sold now seeing that the it recently reached 10 million units in nine months before the christmas season and Nintendo America recently reporting that they have sold over 4.8 million units since launch. I would definitely like to know how well Europe has fared and whether the Switch is nearing the 13.97 million units that the Wii U sold during it’s lifetime.




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