[Rumour] The 2018 We Could Have! Link’s Awakening and Wario Land for 3DS, Animal Crossing for Switch & More

With 2017 almost at an end, what better time is there to go over some fun little rumours which allude to what is in store for 2018? So having looked over a couple of threads and scrolling through tweets on Twitter, has some of the more probable ones (including some we’ve heard ourselves):


  • Anonymous ResetEra User: 2018 will see the release of an Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch.
  • Twitter User: Animal Crossing Switch will have a tie-in with the mobile app and release in Q2 at the earliest, with a Q3 release being more likely.
  • Anonymous ResetEra User: Grand Theft Auto V will launch on Nintendo Switch in Q3 of 2018.  – COMPLETE SPECULATION
  • Anonymous: Bandai Namco are involved with Metroid Prime 4.
  • Twitter User: An enhanced remaster/remake of Link’s Awakening that is being developed by Grezzo will be both revealed and released in 2018. (Reveal is rumoured to occur in a Nintendo Direct in January.)
  • Twitter User: Next Nintendo Direct will take place on the 10th of January.
  • A New Wario Land game will be revealed and released in 2018, for 3DS.
  • Twitter User: Detective Pikachu for 3DS will release in Q4 for Europe in 2018, but an NA release may not happen until Q1 2019.
  • Anonymous ResetEra User: YouTube support will come during the second year of Switch (March 2018 to February 2019.)


By no means are any of the rumours to be taken with a grain of salt, as a lot of them are certainly unlikely, but the current year is nearly over and now we’ve got something to play Bingo with, as we see how many of these (if any,) we can tick off as true in the next 12 months. But should at least 2 or 3 of them do turn out to be true, 2018 is sure to be a good one.



Source: @Nate8696 (Twitter), @MarcusSellars (Twitter) & “Anonymous” posters on ResetEra, who’s Post was then Deleted


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