The Monster Boy Blog has been updated by FDG Entertainment and has revealed some interesting features. There is an in-game map that fills out as you play and will give you an overview at all times so you know if there is an area you have visited of have yet to visit. You can see the full post below.


Dear Monster Boy friends, 

today we’d like to share some details about the auto-map feature in Monster Boy! The game is really big so we’re implementing a convenient map that gives you a perfect overview at all the time. Since we don’t want to spoil you, we can only show a little preview of the fully unlocked map. Check it out!

This is the starting area (beach) up until the light-house where Jin faces the first boss

As you can see the map not only shows the pathway, but many more details. Here’s a quick overview of some map features:

While you explore the various areas in the game, the map will constantly draw details into the map. These can include treasure chests, walls, doors, shops, water and more. You’ll easily spot unvisited areas if you carefully look at the walls or unfinished room sketches of the map.

Each area and pathway will help you to complete a beautiful colored drawing of the Monster World. Just another reward to finish the game and explore the world at 100%.

Quest Target
The current main quest location will be shown as a green target icon, can you spot it in the map ?

Jin just reached the first main quest target. It’s marked with a green icon on the auto-map

It’s huuge!
The sample map piece is just a tiny piece of the fully unlocked worldmap. Be sure to watch the new beach area footage during Gamescom to understand the size of the game. The beach part is less than 5% of the worldmap to explore! 

No Missables
Focus on your exploration and happily experiment with your characters. The game has no missable item – you’ll always be able to explore the world and return to any place later.

Source: Monster Boy Blog

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