The Great Pokémon GO Fest Disaster! (Connectivity issues, Refunds and Boos!)

Sometimes in life, things can go exactly as we want them to go and sometimes they couldn’t be any worse again and today for Niantic, the latter is most definitely the case.


Today was meant to be legendary! Quite literally as the first Legendary Pokémon for Pokémon GO would be available provided certain goals where met during Pokémon GO Fest, which kicked off today. But nothing has really gone to plan as those in attendance have been met with some serious connectivity issues that have ruined the experience for so many Trainers to the point that during the introductory speech by John Hanke, the Niantic CEO was actually booed by the crowd.


Still, not to let the day be a total right-off, the good folks at Niantic are refunding everyone who attended and are also giving out $100 US dollars worth of Poké Coins and are expanding the spawn area for the likes of Heracross to 2 miles. It may not mean much to some of Trainers, but Niantic could have very well done nothing, so it is the thought that counts, with today being a great learning curve for Niantic the next time they do an event as large in scale as this one.


Source: Kotaku & Serebii


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