New Weapon “Inkoming” to Splatoon 2! (Inkbrush Arrives this Weekend)

Just like Nintendo did with its prequel, Splatoon 2 is to be supported with free content, weapons and Splatfest and now that the first Western Splatfest has been declared for the first week of August, it’s now time to talk the first weapon!


According to the official Splatoon Twitter account, the first weapon to arrive is the Inkbrush and it drops on July 22nd for those of you in North America and July 23rd for those in the likes of Europe and Japan. But don’t worry, there is more. The Inkbrush’s Special Weapon is Splashdown and its Sub Weapon is Splat Bombs and there are a couple of pictures of them right here:


For anyone who would like to try out the new set as soon as it comes available, these are the times you’ll want to commit to memory:

19:00 PT (July 22nd)

10:00 ET (July 22nd)

03:00 BST/UTC (July 23rd)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (July 23rd)


Source: @SplatoonJP (Twitter)


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