[Interview] Miketendo64 Twitter Based AMA with Wraith Games Recap

Since we love conducting interviews, like to give back to our fans whenever we can and getting them involved with our antics whenever possible, we wanted to find a way to merge all of those things together, and we did.


We decided we’d reach out to some devs to see if they would be up for doing some Twitter based AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and last month, the devs that were up for doing the AMA was the majority of devs who make up the Wraith Games team and although the AMA took place a month ago today, the information that was shared is still relevant and worth revisiting! So with that though in mind, here is our late, but well worth it recap of our AMA interview with Wraith Games in photo form:

AMA Wraith Q1 pt1AMA Wraith Q2 pt1AMA Wraith Q3AMA Wraith Q4 pt1AMA Wraith Q5 pt1AMA Wraith Q6 pt1AMA Wraith Q7 pt1AMA Wraith Q8 pt1AMA Wraith Q9 pt1

Although we have nothing arranged for this month, we will be continuing with these AMA’s so if there is a dev you would like use to talk to next on Twitter, be sure to comment below and we’ll see what we can do!



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