If you’re still playing Pokémon Sun & Moon and looking to add some more Mega Stones to your collection, than this piece of news is just for you!


As previously promised this month of May would see a certain Serial Code Mega Stone distribution get underway and it has! So if you would pick up your very own Pidgeotite, Steelixite, Heracronite and Houndoominite Mega Stones, than boot up your 3DS, slip in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon cartridge, (or just click on the digital version of the games if you have that instead) and be sure to use the Serial Code AZUL.

Once the code is entered, be sure to receive the gift and load up your save file so you can head to the nearest Pokémon Centre and talk to the Deliveryman wearing orange and blue clothing, to properly receive your gift and then SAVE your game! (Wouldn’t want to lose them now would you?)


Just don’t go expecting to be able to use online just yet as Serebii reports the Mega Stones will not be usable online until the 16th of May, Other than that, do with them what you will!


Source: Serebii


By Jack Longman

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