And just like that, Gacha has proven its worth once more!

Earlier on today it was revealed that Super Mario Run has nearly been downloaded 150 million times (around 78 million of which had happened before the end of January) and that’s great, but just because it has been downloaded that many times, it doesn’t mean that is also the number of times players have opted to purchase the game’s entire content outright.


In fact back when it was revealed the game had around 40 million downloads, it was revealed only 4 million players actually brought the whole game. Fast forward millions of downloads later, there is a chance that the 4 million figure has gone into double figures, thus making it one of Nintendo’s best-selling games what with shipping “10” millions units, which would make it a very profitable game, only Super Mario Run is not more profitable than Fire Emblem Heroes.


Having been able to speak with Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima, The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki was able to discover that Fire Emblem Heroes has earned a great deal more in revenue due to it’s in-game purchases than Super Mario Run has and that Heroes has less than 1/10 of the near 150 million downloads Super Mario Run has had.


In no way does this mean that Heroes is better than Super Mario Run, as they both bring a little something to the table and vary greatly, but in the fiscal year that has ended, Nintendo has earned ¥24.3 billion yen (around $218,546,655 million US dollars) from their smartphone games and the majority of that sum is due to Fire Emblem Heroes.


Also now as we advance into a new fiscal year for Nintendo, the gaming giant could stand to build on that figure even more so since two more mobile titles are planned for release this year, with one of them being the Animal Crossing title we are still waiting to learn more about and the other one still being a wild card, but with May almost here, it really can’t be that much longer before information finally comes.


Source: @mochi_wsj (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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