ARMS! Mechanica’s Alternate Costume Revealed Along With Revolver Arms Weapon

Keeping up with promoting their newest IP, Nintendo have released more screenshots for ARMS via the official Twitter Page. This time focusing on an alternate costume for Mechanica and the new Revolver Arms weapon. You can check out the Tweets below along with a loose English translation of the original Japanese Tweet.

“Mechanica colored in camouflage color! Always a healthy mechanic, it looks a little wild!”

“Electric arm “Revolver! A multistage arm that makes three bullets with Dadada with a bullet of electricity! It is Aben gem of handling attention that makes one’s part shiny if it kills even one shot!”

“Ayashii materials are scattered on the floor and the wall.
According to the latest study of ARMS laboratory, the ARMS ability of ARM is expressed with a certain probability ….”

Source: ARMS Official Twitter Page


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