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For North America on the 29th of August of this year, (September 1st for Europe), NIS America are bringing Culdcept Revolt to the Nintendo 3DS and after giving Disgaea 5 Complete a lot of their recent attention, in today’s press release sent out by NIS America Culdcept Revolt is the centre of attention, so here’s what NIS America had to say about the upcoming release:


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Today, we bring you information about the story and characters in Culdcept Revolt, which is hitting the Nintendo 3DS on August 29, 2017 and Europe on September 1, 2017.

The main story takes place in “Quest Mode”, where you play as Allen, a man who wakes up in the city of Celphas with no memory of how he got there. He is discovered and rescued by the rebel group, the Free Bats, as he begins to recall his past and his powers as a Cepter. As you collect cards and search for Allen’s lost memories, the mystery of the city of Celphas slowly begins to reveal

In addition to experiencing the story of Allen and the Free Bats, you will also be able to play optional challenge stages in Quest Mode for over 150 single player stages.


To learn more about the story and the characters, check out our official website.

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For now the official site only really provides character info on Allen, but in time more and more will be added, so if you wish to know more about the characters, the info is coming, it’s just not here yet!


Source: NIS America PR

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