[Event] Turning up the Heat with Pokémon Duel’s Fire Gym Cup

I hope you like it hot because Pokémon Duel sure is heating up right now!


The latest event is now underway and it is of course the Fire Gym Cup and this is our short but sweet coverage of what you can expect from the new event:

  • Trophies will be handed out when the event ends on April the 12th at 04:59 a.m. UTC and can be displayed on your ranking screen.
  • All Fire-type Movement 1 & 2 Figures have an increase of 1 for movement, whereas Ground-types get an Attack increase of 20 per attack
  • And Booster redemptions are available until the 20th of April.

And that is everything! I did say it would be short and sweet and now, provided you have Pokémon Duel download, you like so many others can go show off what you’re made off and teach this cup who is boss.


Until next time, keep on gaming!


Source: serebii.net


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