Phazon Suit Samus World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

Kuribo tracks down an elusive figure and one that Metroid fans may be interested in his latest review!

The one character that has eluded me since I started collecting World of Nintendo is Samus.  Metroid figures seem to be always be the hardest to get in each wave and I can’t remember seeing many in-stores before so when I saw this one recently at Target, I knew I had to buy it.  I like the Metroid games pretty well even if they are not among my absolute favorites but I love the character design of Samus.  She is perfect for figures because Samus is sleek and has that cool metallic armor.  Since World of Nintendo is a budget line, I was also curious how good the actual figure would be.  Articulation is usually not the strongest part of World of Nintendo and obviously, Samus is the kind of character where you really want that.  With that said, let’s take a closer look at Phazon Suit Samus!


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