[Update] Official Patch Notes on the Super Bomberman R version 1.2 Update

Following the global release of the version 1.2 of Super Bomberman R, official patch notes have been shared and because we know a few of you like reading this sort of thing, here are those notes in full:

*          *          *          *          *

Update Release 03/17/2017 – Contents as below:


You can now select the Room Type when you create a room to host an Online Free Battle.

By choosing “Room Number”, only players who know the room number can join.


Adjustments have been made to improve the controls:

  • Adjustments have been made to reduce the input latency.
  • Controls are now more precise to reduce the unintentional direction changes.
  • Character speed has been adjusted so players can make quicker and more agile moves.
  • The characters are now behaving more naturally when in front of a pillar or a block.
  • Making a turn while running along a block or a pillar is now easier.
  • A kicked bomb can be stopped more precisely.


Control parameters have been improved in order to reduce the lag when playing online:

  • Fixed a bug that made the game ignore some button inputs when packet loss occurs.
  • The lag felt when planting a bomb has been reduced.
  • Sudden direction changes are easier to make.


Fixed minor bugs.


*          *          *          *          *


And just in case that hasn’t fully satisfied your hunger for patch notes, with the likes of FAST RMX and Little Inferno both getting an update sometime soon, we can feed you again just as soon as their patch notes get shared. So until then, keep on gaming!


Source: Konami


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