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[Patch Notes] Super Bomberman R Version 2.0.0 (Grand Prix and More)

After a good few months of waiting, the newest and biggest update for Super Bomberman R it out and it comes packed with new content, which includes 10 new characters added to the shop and we’ve got the official patch notes right here:

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Super Bomberman R is getting a New Grand Prix Mode & 3 New Characters!

Back when we had the chance to interview Konami earlier this year, they teased plenty of big updates are on the way and now that TGS 2017 has arrived, certain details have emerged.

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[Feature] Wraith Games, Konami and the Future of Castlevania

In the video gaming industry, things can go very right or they can go very and for the Castlevania Netflix series, things have gone very well indeed and although we have reached out to Konami to talk about the success, we thought it would be interesting to talk to someone else in the same industry for an alternative view while we wait for Konami’s response.


So we reached out to Wraith Games and spoke with Jay Kidd to see what does he make of it all and if he and Wraith Games as Konmai, had the chance to make a Castlevania game and this is everything he had to say: Continue reading [Feature] Wraith Games, Konami and the Future of Castlevania

[Patch Notes] Super Bomberman R Version 1.4.1

For anyone still playing Super Bomberman R, a new small patch has become available today and while there’s very little to it, the patch notes can be seen here: Continue reading [Patch Notes] Super Bomberman R Version 1.4.1

[Interview] Castlevania Netflix Show Producer Talks With Nintendo Life About Respecting Fandom, Season 2 & Metroid Possibility

The Castlevania Netflix show is incredible, no word of a lie. If there was ever a time to get a Netflix subscription, it would be now. Adi Shankar’s animated series Castlevania sucks you in so much, the four short episodes leave you wanting so much more.

As you are probably aware, the series has got so much attention, that it has been granted a second season and will be eight episodes long, double that of the first series and will further develop on the story which is based on Castlevania III and will build on the relationships of Trevor Belmont, Sypha the Speaker & Alucard, son of Dracula.

The lucky folks over at Nintendo Life were fortunate to get a short interview with Adi Shankar, the producer of the Netflix show to ask him about Season 2 and what other games would he like to tackle next.

Nintendo Life: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To kick things off, do you have a message for the readers of Nintendo Life and Castlevania fans in general regarding the series?

Adi Shankar: First off, thank you! This show was made by fans for fans. I wasn’t going to mess up my own childhood and thank you for creating an ecosystem of fandom that has allowed this show could exist. I hope you guys keep supporting the show and spreading the word about it so that our audience grows and other fan made shows like this can exist.   


How did Castlevania find its way into your hands, and how did you convince Netflix to take it?

I met Kevin Kolde in a chance encounter. He’s a great guy and was instrumental to every single aspect of this project. The plan initially was to go the Kickstarter route. I wasn’t sure how big the audience for Castlevania would be, but I knew I really wanted to see it made well and I hoped others felt the same way. Also, Bloodstained had done killer numbers on Kickstarter. I had assumed after releasing Power/Rangers and nearly going to war with Haim Saban – and then refusing to work on the official Power Rangers movie – I’d been ostracized from Hollywood, but I guess Netflix really liked what I was creating on YouTube and let us do our thing.  

What’s it been like to work with Warren Ellis, who is something of a legend in comic book and literary circles?

If you look up the people I’ve cited as influences early in my career Warren Ellis was and always has been on that list. Eminem is also on that list as is Banksy, who inspired my fan film satire series “The Bootleg Universe.” I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several of my idols throughout my short career and it’s always been surreal. I guess the best thing I can say is that artists talk to each other in a very supportive way that transcends age and experience. 

Was it hard to stay true to Ellis’ original vision for the show, which is very gritty and mature?

Mature and very gritty describes every movie that I’ve ever produced and every unauthorised “Bootleg Universe” short that I’ve ever made. I would say it fit me like a glove, but that’s cliche so I’m going to say that it fit me like a Power Glove.

Would you consider yourself to be a fan of the Castlevania series?

Yes. That is why this was such an important project to me. Storytellers like myself are here to preserve our fandom culture and contribute to it so that future generations can enjoy and expand upon it. The harsh truth is the reason I quit the film industry and retreated to YouTube back in 2015 was because the major studios (except Marvel) blatantly didn’t respect fandom. They viewed us as “the pre-existing audience who would show up opening day regardless” and I didn’t want to participate in the massacre of my childhood.  

It’s been confirmed that Netflix has taken a second series of eight episodes; is the script already in place and will this next season take us to the conclusion of Castlevania III’s narrative?

Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Season 1 out of the water. I’m not answering the rest of this… I don’t want to spoil it!

The show does a fantastic job of pulling in elements of other Castlevania titles – most notably Symphony of the Night, perhaps the most celebrated game in the franchise. Could we see a future series tackle the story of Richter Belmont and Alucard? Or do you think there are other parts of the Castlevania timeline that are ripe for adaptation?

Here’s what I love about Castlevania: to me it’s always been a story about multiple generations of a family. It’s a timeline that spans many many centuries. Making this show was a dream come true and I would love to keep making as many seasons of this as they’ll allow me to. As long as the fans keep watching the show and engaging in social media about it then the team and I will be able to tell a lot of Castlevania stories.  

You’ve conformed you’re also working on an Assassin’s Creed series. What can you tell us about that in terms of setting, production team and cast? Has any of that been decided yet?

I am working on Assassin’s Creed. Lots has been decided but I’m not going to reveal any of it. It’s going to be dope. 

What other video game series would you like to adapt?

Dark Metroid in the same anime style. 


Source: Nintendo Life

[Update] Belmont Bomber & More Arrive Thanks to the New Super Bomberman R Version 1.4.0 Update

It has been a long time coming, but just like the new update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a new update for Super Bomberman R and it packs a lot of goodness and you can see the patch notes for it right here:


*          *          *          *          *

Update Release 06/28/2017 (ver.1.4) – Contents as below:

  • 3 new characters are now available in the shop. (Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, Pyramid Head Bomber)
  • 4 new VS stages are now available in the shop. (Conveyor Belt Classic, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, Desert Fort)
  • 2 new series of accessories are now available in the shop. (Item and Snowflake series)
  • Other than Battle Royale, the Team Battle is now available as a Battle Rule. In this mode, the team with the last survivor wins the match.
  • There are now more ways to win Gems and more Gems available. (Previously Gems could only be earned in the League Battle, but now all VS modes provide Gems.)
  • Adjusted the movement speed of the Power Zone.
  • Other small bugs have been fixed.


*          *          *          *          *


Except unlike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, we also have footage of Super Bomberman R’s new content to share, so if you’re wondering if the free content and game is worth getting (if you haven’t got it already,) consult the video below. It might just be the eye-opener you require.

Source: Konami & Direct-Feed Games (YouTube)


[Interview] A Conference Call with Konami’s Richard Jones

At Miketendo64, we are no strangers to conducting interviews and while many have been with smaller devs, there have been a few with larger devs and last month, we got to do an interview with Konami, via a conference call.


During said call we got to talk with Richard Jones, a European Brand Manager will Konami and we discussed a range of topics from Super Bomberman R, to even Castlevania the Netflix series. While not everything we discussed can be shared, there are quite a few things we can, so without further ado, here are a few select statements from Konami’s Mr. Jones that we can make public: Continue reading [Interview] A Conference Call with Konami’s Richard Jones

[Update] Super Bomberman R’s Maintenance Patch Focused Update 1.3.1 is Available Now for Download

Just like Konami said on Twitter yesterday, as well as a big update being on the way to Super Bomberman R, so is a small one!


Except that small one is version 1.3.1 and it is entirely bug/error focused, so if you had problems with constantly getting error messages when “internet matching,” this update will take care of it for you.


As soon as the details of the big character update, aka version 1.4.0 become available, you can expect to hear all about them here at miketendo64.com, but until then, keep on gaming!


Source: Konami

[Review] Blasting into Battle with Super Bomberman R

SBR 1.jpg

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Category: Action, Party, Puzzles & Multiplayer

Release Date: 3rd of March, 2017 (JP, EU & NA) Continue reading [Review] Blasting into Battle with Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!

Konami have just released a Press Release announcing the new Free DLC that is now available to download for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch. Update version 1.3 officially confirms 4 new stages, 2 new accessories and the ability to change the enemy AI difficulty settings along with other tweaks and changes. You can see the press release below. Continue reading Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!

Super Bomberman R To Update To Version 1.3 This Friday (April 21st)

Konami’s Super Bomberman R will be receiving a new update this Friday (April 21st) and will update the game to version 1.3. A brand new stage will be coming to the Nintendo Switch game and various fixes and improvements to the difficulty setting and other tweaks

SBR Tweet

Source: Bomberman Official Twitter Page

Super Bomberman R Concept Art Shared On Konami European Twitter Account

Konami has been sharing various concept art of Super Bomberman R on it’s European Twitter Account. We have put together a slideshow of all the Background images, Plasma & Karaoke Bomber and bosses that were featured which you can see below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: Konami Europe (Twitter)

Konami Confirms Free DLC for Super Bomberman R

Before they hinted at it, but now Konami have gone ahead and confirmed it!


During a Live Stream from The Game Theorists, Konami has revealed that Super Bomberman R (for Rangers), is to be on the receiving end of dlc that seems to encompass new stages and characters at the very least and this bit of dlc is apparently going to be free! Continue reading Konami Confirms Free DLC for Super Bomberman R

[Update] Official Patch Notes on the Super Bomberman R version 1.2 Update

Following the global release of the version 1.2 of Super Bomberman R, official patch notes have been shared and because we know a few of you like reading this sort of thing, here are those notes in full:

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[Update] Super Bomberman R’s First Patch Update is Available Now

Get ready to update that software!


Whether you’re in Japan, North America or even Europe, the patch update for Super Bomberman R is available now and all you have to do to get it is as opting to update the software. (Check for updates and then saying download when it pops up.) And just in case you don’t know what the update is for, as previously stated it “helps refine gameplay, control input and characters controls for both online and offline play.” 


Just bear in mind that the length of time to download the update will vary, depending on the speed of your internet connection.