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With less than 16 hours remaining before the Final Round of the Prince vs Princess Voting Gauntlet, Lucina is dominating the battle as a new status update is rolled out!


As of the time of typing this, Lucina currently has 9,611,956,521 points, whereas poor Ephraim’s. army has only been able to acquire 2,444,481,819 points so far. So going by the current standings, it does appear victory is well and truly Lucina’s as it will be hard for Ephraim to catch up to her now, so  it will be interesting to see how many points Lucina’s army would have raised by the end of the competition.

Now as for the actual current score for the overall event, according to a new notification, it stands at 39,304,838,171, which is highly impressive, but no additional goals have been added so when it becomes time to collect our rewards are over, it seems 20 Orbs, 5 of each Great Badge and 5000 Universal Crystals, is all we’re going to get, but since Fire Emblem Heroes has had a few surprises thrown on us, maybe another one is already in the works.


With the event set to end tomorrow morning (in Europe,) you can expect to see one last piece of coverage posted sometime in the next 21 hours regarding the final conclusion.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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