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[Random] My Nintendo adds Gold Peach Statue Reward for Super Mario Run! (For North America)

It’s that time of month, the beginning, where new rewards are added to My Nintendo and now a new Super Mario Run reward has been added.

That reward is a statue of a Gold Peach, which goes along nicely with Gold Mario and Gold Bowser statues that are currently available for Super Mario Run, only there’s a slight catch. For some reason, the new statue is only available to players with a North American My Nintendo account, so if you’re a huge Super Mario Run fan/player living in Europe, with 300 Platinum Points to spend, you are currently denied this new statue.


While it does indeed suck that we have to go without, think of the android users, at least we were able to play the game when they couldn’t, but Europe does do things differently as opposed to the North American version of My Nintendo as the European one updates during the middle of the month as well, so if the reward isn’t added by 08:00 a.m. UTC+1 tomorrow morning (the 2nd of March), it might simple be a case of waiting a couple of weeks before it is eventually added.


As soon as news of a European release of the statue breaks, we’ll be back to provide an update.


Source: @NintendoAmerica (Twitter)


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