[Random] Victory is Ours! Pokémon Sun & Moon’s 4th Global Mission is a Day 1 Success

I guess the losing streak is well and truly over!

The “Earn BP from the Battle Tree” Global Mission only started today and already players have surpassed 550,946 Battle Points! So not only have players earned enough to get the 2,000/4,000 Festival Coins, but they surpassed the second goal as well, meaning we all get a Heavy Ball as well. Now if you’re thinking, “I didn’t even sign up to participate, so am I eligible for the prizes?” the answer is yes. Provided you register to participate while the event is still running, you can still win the completion rewards provided you get 3 BP of your own, and you will also get 5 pieces of Rare Candy.

But way to go Trainers, you really knocked it out of the ball park on this one!


Source: @SerebiiNet (Twitter)


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