Not only is Breath of the Wild the cover to Game Informer’s March issue, but the issue also provides a whole ton of new information, which we have rounded up and included right here for you all to read over:



  • Whereas Nintendo previously made Zelda games by making small areas and then connecting them together, for Breath of the Wild, first the team needed to figure out what needed to be placed on the map. However with over 300 developers working on the game, they were divided into groups and each group was given a specific part of the world to work on.
  • One team in particular worked on animal AI.


Serenne Stable:

  • A NPC runs the Serenne Stable, a place where Link can lay his head and sleep, which allows him recover hearts. However if he pays to sleep in a more expensive bed, he can recover more hearts. These hearts are yellow and can not be recovered if Link sustains damage.
  • As well as sleeping at the Serenne Stable, (something Link can do at any stables discovered in the game, which there are plenty of and all run by a different NPC), Link can also store horses, meet various NPCs such as merchants like Beedle.



  • Just like the Piggyback Guide listing on amazon revealed, there are over 100 Shrines in Breath of the Wild and there is an item in the game that helps you find Shrines. Once a Shrine is discovered it can be used as a Fast Travel point.
  • Shrines also reward Link with Spirit Orbs, which he can then trade for items, but nothing was elaborate don what kind.



  • Spending time by a in the world passes time.
  • When the weather is raining, NPCs will seek shelter.
  • Thunderstorms can kill Link, especially when he is wearing/wielding metal items as they attract thunder. However thunderstorms can be avoided by going around them, until Link becomes stronger.
  • Enemies can overwhelm Link quickly if players aren’t careful.



  • As well as storing multiple horses at stables, it is important Link takes care of them, which includes feeding them as this can raise their stats (Loyalty and affection.)
  • While Link can call over one of his horses, his horses do need to be within a certain proximity.
  • Horses can be killed if you do not protect them when engaging enemies.


Game Facts:

  • There are no companion characters as Aonuma wanted players to “find their own path.”
  • Stamina meter encompasses climbing, paragliding, sprinting and can be upgraded.
  • Rocks can be mind and then sold for rupees or crafting.
  • Stamps can be placed to mark areas of interest.
  • Zelda can get mad at Link and will scold him,
  • A “certain element” was added in the game that “makes for a more cohesive storyline.”
  • It is not necessary for players to see everything from the story to see the ending.
  • Breath of the Wild has a simpler approach to dungeons.


Weapon Facts:

  • Different shields have different speeds and level of control with regards to snow/landboarding.
  • Every weapon type has a unique set of animations and has a different feel.
  • Bombs don’t have a timer so they need to be detonated remotely.


New Dungeon:

  • Breath of the Wild has one particular dungeon that is “constantly moving,” which requires Link to manipulate the “enormous mechanism through his own ingenuity.”
  • The “substance known as malice covers the dungeon” and it can hurt Link if he touches it. It can however be destroyed if the player finds and attacks each pocket of malice’s eyeball.
  • The Sheikah Slate (which serves as Link’s map, binoculars and more) can be used inside the dungeon to see a model and tilt the dungeon in all its entirety. Doing so can cause blocks to slide from one place to another and create new paths and locations for Link to paraglide over to.
  • A Voice will tell you to access terminals with the slate across the dungeon that are marked on your map.
  • Wind Blight Ganon is the boss of this dungeon and the Voice tells you Wind Blight Ganin is “one of Ganon’s own. It plays dirty.”
  • Wind Blight Ganon is also a huge monster, without a face that has a gun-like arm and can fire large spikes and create tornados.


Source: Game Informer

By Jack Longman

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  1. Fantastic facts from Game Informer! I’m excited to see Nintendo’s take on open-world games. It seems like they’re taking different elements (NPCs seeking shelter, approval scores, etc.) from other games and incorporating them to make the world really feel alive. Should be a good game to play!

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