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This has been a long time coming, but Miketendo64 is finally ready and able to announce our third Theme Week and with Fire Emblem Heroes releasing next week, of course we’re doing a #FireEmblemWeek!


So for those of you who are unfamiliar with Theme Week, it’s exactly what it sounds like, we pick a game series and we spend a week posting more content on that particular series and not just news either! Last year we did both Zelda and Pokémon and while we hoped to do more theme weeks over the course of 2016, 2016 just got away from us. With E3, Gamescom, expanding our team, Barcelona Games World, making huge changes and the Nintendo Switch reveal and presentation, it’s been a very busy time for us, but now that we’ve got some free time, Theme Week is back in action!


Now, so not to overhype it, the Miketendo64 team is a team of gamers who are not familiar with the Fire Emblem series, sure a few of us have played Fates and are all getting Heroes next week, but our knowledge of Fire Emblem only pertains to the newer games, so while we are not experts in this field, we are still going to try and make this as great a week as we can. But how exactly are we going to do that?


Well the Miketendo64 way is to provide one piece of exclusive Fire Emblem content every single day of the week and while I am still piecing together what it is exactly we will be doing, we do have some things in place already. Firstly on Monday the 30th of January, we will kick things off by posting a special Fire Emblem Heroes edition of Let’s Talk About entitled: Let’s Talk About… Fire Emblem Heroes (Should it Incorporate amiibo Compatibility?) On Tuesday there will be a Fire Emblem Heroes edition of The Miketendo Strip (our on-ongoing comic strip series). Whereas on Friday, you can expect to see the first of a possible few Fire Emblem Heroes review posted. As for the exclusive content posted on every other day next week, it is a mystery even to ourselves. There could be character bios, videos, or whatever we decide on and make happen. It’s a total mystery and I love it!


Whatever does happen though, #FireEmblemWeek is certainly going to be a lot different compared to our previous Theme Weeks, so make sure find the time and join us! We promise you won’t regret it!


#FireEmblemWeek begins January the 30th and ends on the 5th of February, 2017.

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