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Since the Nintendo Switch presentation and Breath of the Wilds recent reveals, Aonuma has been doing interview after interview thanks to an interview with IGN Portugal, we have two interesting tidbits to share.

Firstly, there is an alternate ending to Breath of the Wild, but in order to witness such an ending, you will need to meet a “certain criteria,” by doing things a certain way. Given the fact that players can start the game and take Calamity Ganon within 15 minutes of playing, this does make a lot of sense. That being said, it’s pretty cool to know that there is an alternate ending, providing there is a big difference between the two and it’s not like the various endings see got from Mass Effect 3.

Secondly, the rumour that Breath of the Wild features dual audio is bogus. It’s not possible to turn Japanese acting on and English (for example) off. You can however listen to the game in a different language when playing the Switch version, by changing your language settings on the new console, but just don’t go expect any English subtitles.

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That pretty much concludes what was shared, but given the fact these were things we didn’t know before, it is a nice little reveal and something to keep in our minds when we play, especially the alternate ending thing!


Source: IGN Portugal

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