Nintendo have added more and new information about the Nintendo Switch to their page so here it is in the order it is shown:

  • Play at home – Dock your Switch and enjoy HD gaming on your TV.

  • Play anywhere – Undock and take the handheld with you on your travels.

  • Play together – Flip out the kickstand and share the screen as you and a friend can play together.

  • The Joy-Con – The controller that can become two that comes with superior motion controls and can be played vertical or even sideways.

Share the fun:

  • Compete against friends or team up.

  • Play online with others.

  • Link up 8 systems together and play anywhere.

Additional Features:

  • Parental Controls.

  • Nintendo eShop.

  • Album – “Easily take and save screenshots using the Capture Button on the left Joy Con. Then view, add text, and share to social networks from your album.”

  • News and announcements – Enables you to get all the information on new games and more.

System Details:

  • Battery life will vary between 2 and a half hours to 6 depending on software and usage. Breath of the Wild for example can be played for 3 hours in a single charge.

  • 32 GB of internal storage that can be expanded via the use of micro SDX cards.

  • 6.2 inch, multi-touch capacity touch screen that displays a resolution of 1280×720.

Source: Nintendo

By Jack Longman

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