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Following on from Laura Kate Dale’s recent reveals regarding the Ubisoft & Nintendo collaboration, notable Nintendo leaker Liam Robertson also has something he’d like to say.

In fact he’s actually got quite a bit to say about the game, and he took to Twitter to let it all out, so we’ve sifted through it and here is a summarised contents of everything he divulged:


  • Robertson has not played the game himself, but has heard it’s more of a Strategy RPG like X-Com than a RPG like we’ve previously heard.
  • Whereas Dale tweeted the title of the Mario Meets Rabbids game as being “Rabbids Kingdom Battle,” Robertson has heard another (rumoured) name for it, which is “Mushroom Kingdom Battle.
  • Regardless of its name, he reconfirms it is set in the Mushroom Kingdom and that the Rabbids dimension invades it.
  • While we’ve previously heard there will be both good and bad Rabbids, Robertson says that most of the enemies are evil/warped Rabbids.
  • Mario and other main series characters will be present and Nintendo have been “very controlling of how they are used.
  • There are Rabbids that are themed on various characters like Mario & Luigi. Rabbids which Robertson stats as being costumed.)
  • Ubisoft pitched the game to Nintendo and Nintendo gave them the thumbs up to do it and were more than happy enough to closely oversee the game.
  • Gameplay is strategy based.
  • There are a great deal of weapons in the game and a huge focus on equipping your characters with the “appropriate weapons.”
  • Weapons have different properties, such as inflicting poison.
  • There are a ton of in-game stats that need to be taken into account when playing.
  • According to Liam, the game is “content complete, localised” and ready to ship and it has been “since late last year.”
  • Lastly, despite being ready, he also believes it won’t be a launch title like originally reported.


This of course isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it not being a launch title, as Dale also took to Twitter to say something similar, except she clarified it will not be coming until September 2017, but either way, this game does sound like it’s going to be an insane one. A game that most Switch owners will certainly need to try and fingers crossed we’ll get our first look at it during the Nintendo Switch presentation next week.


Source: Liam Robertson (Twitter)

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