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The latest instalment in the Shantae series may be out now, but work on it is still far from over as WayForward have a whole bunch of dlc to implement.

Dlc such as an entire campaign that allows you to play as Risky Boots and includes a Tinkerbat form, Blue Shantae and a whole lot of other Backer Exclusive features that aren’t currently available. Here’s the official wording taken from the Kickerstarter update:


Status of Stretch Goals, DLC, and Rewards!:

“We’re already working on the DLC, and will have more information for you after break! In case you’re curious, BLUE SHANTAE, TINKERBAT FORM, and various Backer Exclusive features are not included in the launch version. We’ll deliver those separately later!

The chapter-based stretch goals (Sequence of Unfortunate Events” and “Fire and Forget”) are included in the release version of the game!

We’re already working on our digital and physical rewards as well! We’ll have an update for you once we’re into the new year. And remember that as Backers, you won’t have to pay for any DLC (even future paid DLC)! So when you see us announce new content in 2017, remember… it’s coming to you at no cost!


Happy Holidays to all of you!

See you next update!”


Lastly, the team will also be implementing an update to rectify a number of bugs. Just don’t go expecting it anytime soon as the team is on break for the Holidays, so we won’t be seeing a bug fix anytime this year, but it will happen within the first two months of next year.


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