Breath of the Wild may no longer be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, but plenty of other games are!

In a new report by Laura Kate Dale, she provides a number of new details regarding the games that are ‘confirmed’ for release when the Nintendo Switch launches next month and before we get to the Nintendo news side of things, Dale confirms Skyrim IS coming to the Nintendo Switch. Shown in the Switch trailer, but never actually confirmed by Bethesda, Dale writes Skyrim will be a Switch launch title and that it will mirror the recently release remastered version. It will also allow some mods post-launch and that mod support will not be available from day one and it will be limited to modes using the existing in-game assets.

Now with that covered, let’s talk Super Mario Switch, because Dale has shared a ton of new details, for example, a demo will be made available to press to play in January 2017, and that it will release worldwide on the same day. A source did divulge a name for the game, but due to not being able to locate the name on any trademark registrations, Dale chose not to share it, but instead wrote Super Mario Switch apparently features a 3D open world hub, which is where the different worlds can be selected from. Each of the worlds will have multiple objectives, like the Galaxy games. As for the multiplayer side of it, here’s Dale’s explanation of it:

“The multiplayer teased in the trailer will be a co-op version of the main game, with both players able to work together toward objectives, but with a form of tether to keep the players from going too far from each other.”

Apparently any and all gameplay from Player 2 will not affect Player 1’s progress, but the secondary player can complete objectives, receive the end of the level reward and there will also be a screen that shows just how well each of the players did when playing the level. If there was ever a time you felt like your Player 2 wasn’t doing their part, this screen will let you know just how bad or good they really did.

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Lastly it is Splatoon talking time.  With Breath of the Wild not being a launch title, we can forget about a Switch/Zelda SKU bundle, but there is going to be a Splatoon version. This Switch/Splatoon Stock Keeping Unit is the more expensive version of a Nintendo Switch you can buy, but it does come with more memory and the all new improved version of Splatoon. An improved version that features a 1 vs 1 mode where players with separate Switches can do battle on a single map and change their arsenal at will. It is also reported that there are plans to add more single player content to the game and that the Switch version will receive the same regular update and additional content treatment that the Wii U version received.

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Be advised though that naturally all of this was a summarised version of what was written, so for additional detail and further explanations, then make sure you click on the source article! After all, it is Dale we have to thank for all this wonderful news! And as per usual, although Dale is most likely on the money with all of the details, for now this is all just rumours.


Source: Let’s Play Video Games

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