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During the recent financial briefing, we learned a huge update is on its way to Miitomo and now more details are being provided.

To anyone who logs into the app today, they’ll receive a notification dedicated to the “Big Update” that is “Coming Soon” and as well as well as just being able to send messages to your friends, at last Miitomo users will be able to customise their rooms. The power to change the flooring and wallpapers is coming, as well as hanging up your favourite Miitomo pictures on your wall as posters. But the biggest new feature in my opinion is being able to create a “Sidekick Mii” who will have their own customisable room too.
For anyone who has not seen the new notification just yet, you can see find it below:


Some of these features will go a long way to improving Miitomo for a lot of people, but at the same time, they are features we could have done with a lot sooner before a lot of us lost interesting, so it will be interesting to see how many users go back to using the app more often.


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