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For the Wii U Hyrule Warriors is one of my favourite titles, just like Legends is my favourite 3DS title for the 3DS and after months of enjoying all of the great dlc the final pack is almost here!

On the 31st of October, owners of either version of Hyrule Warriors will roll out and at long last Ravio will find his courage as he is one of two new playable characters for the dlc and he comes with a huge hammer! Mind you, that’s not his only weapon as he is stated as being able to fight with a number of items from his shop, so if you ever tried to steal from his shop or talk down to him, Ravio might just make you eat those words!

But like we said, he’s not alone because the other fighter joining the fray is Yuga and he’s armed with a paintbrush! What’s that? You’re not afraid of his paintbrush? You better be because not only can he manipulate paintings, he can manipulate lighting as well. Yuga is coming and he can’t wait to show us how he likes to “Stay Fresh!” 

Naturally Wii U owners of the game will only be able to get the new characters, whereas owners of Legends will be able to play the new adventure map. Earn themselves 15 new My Fairy costumes and collect a number of new costumes for their playable warriors.

Should you already purchased the Season Pass, you won’t have to purchase the dlc when it releases one week from now, but if you haven’t, then you will of course need to purchase the dlc in order to get it.

Source: Gamecity.ne.jp

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