Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Zelda You: Our Stories, our now bi-weekly regular feature series that is all about two things, our love for Zelda and our love for talking about Zelda. We already kicked the series off with staff stories, but now that the Miketendo64 staff have had their say, we’re sharing the stories that You have sent in to us, so what are we waiting for? It’s time to begin!


Today’s story is just that, a Zelda fanfic story penned by one BlackFoxFlower. I will warn you, it is as good as it is long, so make sure you get comfortable and get ready to be immersed into the world of Hyrule in this Halloween seasonal tale!


BlackFoxFlower: -Demon Love of Horror!:

I was walking around in Hyrule field, on my way to Link’s house. You see me and friends from around our world had been invited. You don’t know about me though because I’m new here. But anyways, I was real excited because Link was throwing a Halloween party, so which means we can do all kinds of Fun activities. I was hoping there would be a Spooky story telling contest as I and a Demon friend of mine would gladly share one. I was pretty sure we had something horrifying to say which was gonna indeed be a Nightmare.

I finally arrived at the house, and knocked a few times and waited. Not more than 30 seconds later the door opened an inch wide with a pale purple hand on the side. A voice spoke “Who is it….. who dared enter.”

I Trembled as the Door widened a couple more inches to reveal one red eye staring at me. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. So I replied with a shaky voice and said “H- hello, I came here beca-Because a d-dear friend invited m-me. B-but I’m s-sorry if I bothered you. But I was t-told that a Halloween party was being held here.”

Then there flashed a toothy grin at me. The Door widened more and revealed Vaati with his usually flirty face. “Well then Luna why didn’t you just say so, *chuckles*” he spoke.

Image result for Vaati opening door

“Vaati don’t do that, you nearly gave me a heart attack,” I snapped while glaring and smirking at him.

“Oh please you know I’m a Demon, and I’m pretty sure Halloween is a Demon’s favorite time of year and holiday, get used to it,” He replied. I quickly went through the door and nearly fluffed my Dark blue wings when I saw everyone.

Everyone actually came. Link, Vaati, Zelda, Ganondorf, Fi, Ghirahim (blushes), Navi, The Keaton, Skull kid, Saria, Dark Link, Malon, Yuga, Impa, and the Happy mask salesman. I squeezeed when I saw my crush in the corner, Ghirahim. I blushed even more when he smirked and winked at me. Link hugged me and said “Let’s get this started.”

We did all kinds of cool things like, 7 minutes in heaven, Truth or dare, Bob for apples, and much more. Things were getting down to boring until Link said it was time for a Scary story telling contest. Winner gets a kiss from their crush, and gets a Moon crescent Necklace. I smiled at the word kiss, because I already knew who my crush is.

So I went first since Zelda said she saw that look in my eye. “Are you sure because this one is pretty hard core scary,” I asked. “Oh please, like it can even scare Ghirahim, speaking of which where is Ghirahim? I saw him an hour ago,” Zelda replied. We all shrugged and Link decided to continue with this until they found Ghirahim. Little did they know, he was in on a little plan with me.

“All right guys, here we go,” I said before my fun began.

It was a dark and stormy day, I was in my working place doing my usual job, painting, drawing, and sketching. I of course sell the art and get as much rupees as I can so I’ll be able to get some supplies for my needs. I was in my working area while the sprinkling rain poured on the window I sat in front of. I was working on a new stock I could sell, portraits of my friends. The one I was working on was Yuga’s portrait. I mean yes he is my partner and everything, but I thought of doing something neat for my friend, to thank him for helping me all these years. The clock ticking in the room as, the hand was about to strike 11:00 PM. But as you know I was busy with rather important things. I was at least halfway done with the portrait, all I needed was to paint his red hair and it should be fine. I smiled at my almost completed masterpiece.

I reached for the red paint as I imagined being admired by my work. While I brought the cup filled with fire red paint I started smelling an iron like smell, it also smelled like decaying dead. I cringed my nose at the strong odor. As I brought the paint closer, the smell only got stronger, and worse. I looked down at the cup, and saw the paint a darker color. Not only that but it did have a sort of thick liquid-ish like look to it. I smelled it once more and realized it was blood, I quickly put the red liquid and gave myself a concerned look. Thinking I was going crazy. But my thoughts didn’t last as the door opened and out stepped Yuga. “Hello Luna, I still see you’re up late it’s not healthy for your perfectionist look you know?” He smiled and said.

“Yeah I know, I was busy with something,” I said turning back to the painting.

“I can see that, you do a wonderful, and perfect job lass,” he complimented. “Aw thanks, I’m halfway done too,” I replied. “He looked at the painting and noticed the hair wasn’t quite finished.

“How come you didn’t do my hair, it should have been done by now?” He questioned. I let my lips grow expressionless and said, “Well I was going to work on it until of course, I reached out for the Fire red paint, until I smelled an odour, I brought the cup closer and it only great worse as it came to my desk. I looked down at it and noticed that the paint had been turned to blood. I didn’t exactly know why, but one thing for sure I simply did not want to have blood for a paint. So that’s when you came in.” I explained.

Image result for Yuga zelda

He ruffled my hair and said “well it is getting late, so you might want to head home, you look absolutely exhausted, and you need rest my dear.” I smiled knowing that he was right, after all I have all day to do it tomorrow, so I put my things away, and put on my coat then nodded him goodnight. As soon I step out into the soon to be a long lasting thunderstorm I head to the direction of my home. Before I flew off not wanting my fear of Thunderstorms to take over, I had the feeling like someone was watching me. I shrugged it off and continued, being unaware of someone about to follow me, and who was obviously watching me.

Soon as I got home, I saw my best friends waiting in the living room. Zelda, Midna, Malon, Ilia, and Saria. I smiled and hugged them tightly as they hugged back. “We’re so glad you could get home, I presume you took a little short cut (giggles),” Zelda said.

“I know, I know, but I’m also glad it’s girl’s night, but we don’t have time for games, I’m a little tired, let’s just get some rest, we’ll have plenty of fun tomorrow night,” I replied. We all nodded on this before any sudden attempts. Before we headed to the stairs, I heard a certain tap on the window. It didn’t sound like hail hitting on the glass, but rather a finger’s tap. I went to the window to see if anyone was out there. As I peaked through the window, I couldn’t see anything at first, until a brownish- black hand smacked on the window and a figure appeared. It had brownish-black skin, with white non-pupiled eyes, white diamond markings, and most of all white hair that looks like whipped topping. And according to the appearance he was male. He was smiling a big fanged toothy grin at me as I gave a small but able to here scream.

My friends come over and asked what was wrong. I pointed at the window and said “there’s something or someone out there!!!,” As they looked over and found nothing, thinking I was just seeing things.

“I think your hallucinating, because there’s nothing out there, I think you stayed up all too much,” Midna said. I nodded, and went to my room with them, hoping they were right. But they weren’t, I was somehow right.

I drifted off into a peaceful slumber, until I came across a dream of course. I was walking along the trail of Faron Woods, trying to find something until a whisper came to me. “You know you can’t run, nor hide. You know that I want you. I want you to be mine, and mine only. I will have you, no matter what it takes,” I trembled and ran for it, only to bump into a certain white male. He just smirked at me and tried to grab my face until I woke up in the middle of the Night.

I looked around and saw the girls sleeping, in my room. I sighed in relief. Before I went back to sleep, I saw a white hand tapping the window. I squinted eyes trying to see the figure, until a flash of lightning came and lighted up the face of the person. But however when I saw his face, he sort of had a pale look to him with white hair, giving me a fanged opened mouth smile, and I also heard him hissing. I gave a real loud scream, until the thing disappeared. The others woke up and saw me all freaked out.

Image result for evil ghirahim

“What’s wrong?” Malon asked.

“I-I-I just saw something out there!!!!” I boomed. They looked out and still saw nothing. But this time they were gonna prove that there was nothing. “Alright, we had enough of you seeing things, we’re gonna prove that you’re just seeing things,” Saria said. I was going to plead them to not risk their lives just to protect mine, but you know, there’s no arguments.

We walked downstairs and looked around for anything. “Stay close, in case you’re right,” Zelda said. I nodded Trembling and followed close behind. Malon said she was going outside to make sure to prove my theory. After about a few minutes we all saw the thing I saw summoning a sword ready to kill Malon. We tried to warn her by shouting “LOOK OUT (or) BEHIND YOU, LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!,” But it was too late, she got stabbed and killed. The figure turned around and smirked at me. I knew we were next.

“Quick let’s hide,” Zelda said. We ran up the stairs and try to reach our room. On our way Ilia got grabbed by the leg and began to be dragged downstairs. We could hear her screams filling the halls as we heard stabbing. We opened the door and locked it behind us, hoping who or whatever the person was wouldn’t come inside the very room.

After about a minute we heard footsteps getting closer, and closer. We knew this guy was strong and could easily break down the door. So we thought of escaping into the night hoping he won’t find us. We had to make a break for it. So we rushed to the window and begin to unlock it. But as soon as we tried, the window forcefully locked itself. Then I heard Saria’s muffled voice. We turned around and saw the figure holding her by the neck. He had pale grey skin, white hair that covers his left eye, brown eyes that looked black from a distance, purple eye-liner, a blue diamond earring that dangled from his left ear, his lips as white as snow in winter, his clothing was white with diamond patterns cut into them, with a golden belt with a red diamond in the belt decorating it, a golden band on his right arm, and a red cape.

“Oh no, not you!!!,” Zelda whined. “(Chuckles darkly) yes it is I, Lord Ghirahim, and you thought I was gone for good or reforming at least but no, a demon stays his true personality. But don’t worry I didn’t come to rip your soul off your body, I came for you Luna my dear,” he explained. They all looked at me and asked “want Luna? What do you want with Luna?!?!” Zelda asked.

“Isn’t it that obvious, I’m in love with her, the rest is none of your business, but hand her over and I will think of letting you live, and perhaps revive Malon and Lilla,” He said.

“NO!!!” Midna Boomed.

“Don’t make me fight and kill you for her,” he warned.

“We beat you last time, we can beat you again!!!” Zelda said trying to sound brave.

“Really, or was it you who beat me last time, or the Triforce of Courage, also known as that pathetic little brat boyfriend of yours Link?” He questioned.

“It was Link who beat you,” she replied.

“Yes, well done Princess, and where is he now?” He asked.

“Uh, separated from us?” She answered. “Very clever of you, but hand Luna over,” he said until he was rudely interrupted “no, we’d rather fight you and die then let her be in the clutches of you,” Zelda said.

“Hmm alright then, if that’s what you want,” he said mockingly.

Image result for evil ghirahim

He ripped Saria’s throat out, and threw her on the ground. “You’re next,” he laughed. Then Midna used her magic to try and fight him. “Go, protect Luna with everything you got,” She demanded. We nodded and jumped out the window. Running through the woods we tried to get away as fast as we can. We thought we were safe so we stopped to catch our breath. “I… I think we lost him,” I said. But I didn’t hear Zelda’s reply, either because she’s the too out of breath, or something else.

I looked behind me and saw that Zelda was looking at me with a worried look, the last thing she said was “Luna, run!!!” Then she got stabbed by the all too familiar demon blade. He pulled back and let Zelda’s now dead body fall. “He looked at me and said “you know, ideally I wished I would not have to do such a poor sad thing, but your friends refused to do this the easy way. But now that we’re alone,” he said before out of warning he tackled me.

His lips met with mine, and I gasped at this reaction. After this he left a peppered bunch of kisses on my face until he went to my neck and let his sharp fangs bite hard on my neck. He then looked at me with a pleased look, then his long tongue licked my cheek completely on my left side of my face. “Now, how about we take this somewhere else hmmm?” Then he took a cloth filled with chemicals and forced me to inhale them. Leaving me unconscious, he kissed my forehead and said “don’t worry, we’ll free you from such a cruel world my dear,” then with that he slung me over his shoulder and teleported me to his domain.

It was horrible what he did to scare me. Trapped me in Nightmares, showing me him killing my friends, and finally giving me his one last kiss before he possessed me like a doll to terrorized everyone. Until he and possessed me came to Link’s house and killed him!!!

Then I woke up in bed, it was morning. I sighed realized that it was just a dream.

“What’s wrong Luna?” Link asked worriedly. I looked around and saw my friends around me. “What happened?” I began to ask. “Yuga found you asleep on your working desk, and took you home you are somehow trapped in a Nightmare. But its okay it was a dream that’s all,” Zelda explained. “So I didn’t get possessed by Lord Ghirahim?” I asked. Then a low monotone voice said “now that would be ridiculous, after all you are mine, and mine only.”

Image result for evil ghirahim tongue

“The end,” I said.

“That was totally weak, no way that could happen anyways,” Navi said.

“I know,” I said with an evil smile on my face. Then everything went dark. When the light came back on I was gone. They looked around trying to figure out where I was.

“Wait a minute, unless Ghirahim give her back now!!!” Vaati said. Then they heard laughter. They trembled being real scared. Until it went dark again. “WHAT’S going on!!!” Midna asked worriedly. Then they saw two glowing eyes staring at them. Then they heard “Nightmare Night,” in an audible whisper. “Nightmare Night….. Give me something sweet to BITE!!!” I say the last part as I was turned into a Nightmare version of myself. They screamed until the lights came on again. Me and Ghirahim smiled and I asked” think we over did it?” Then he shook “me either,” I replied. I looked down at my trusty winged cat Tara (it’s Charlie but as a character) who’s eyes were glowing.

I looked down at her again and asked “how are you doing that with your eyes?” Then she pulled out glow in the dark paint out. “You put paint on your eyes,” I asked. Then Ghirahim looks at you readers and say “Happy Halloween everyone, and safe night to all of you,” the bam he swings his sword at the reader and blood and a black background is shown. Then a scary maze game shows and it should scare you, just visualize it.

“Well that’s my spooky story number one. See you all later till the next story. In the meantime see you guys later. And happy Halloween!

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