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Just when you thought the Poké Ball glitch was the worst one we’ve seen when it comes to Pokémon GO, now we have a glitch that sees some of the Pokémon we catch, becoming other Pokémon entirely. I guess you could say with this glitch in effect, we won’t need to catch a Ditto anymore, with every other Pokémon transforming, into every other Pokémon going.

Reports of this Poké change continue to come in with players reporting Charizard’s becoming a CP 1212 Caterpie, but also a Weedle becoming a Pidgey and another Weedle becoming an Electabuzz, so this does work both ways, but it is certainly something that does need fixing because the last thing anyone of us would want is to finally find a Dragonite and then after throwing 10 Ultra Balls at it that when we finally catch it, it becomes a Rattata! So while we wait and see what Niantic decide to do about this, for now at least, we’d actually recommend trying to exploit the glitch and attempt to catch whatever you see in the hopes of a common Pokémon become a rare one, but just know that note that this Poké change is a rare occurrence, so if you’re expecting it to happen every time you catch a Pokémon, it won’t.


However should you decide to take us up on that recommendation, be sure to comment what you caught and what it turned into in the comments for this article, as we are very interesting in hearing the results.


Source: Reddit & Kieran M (YouTube)

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