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*Warning! The following article pertains to a potential upcoming hacker attack on the servers of Pokémon GO. You do not need to read the article, nor do you need to believe what you read, but we however are obligated to cover the facts and cover this story regardless.


If you have been following our site lately, you’ll know we’ve been covering Pokémon GO quite a lot, especially the two instances where separate hacker groups have come out to declare that they hacked the servers over the weekend. Well among the two groups, is @PoodleCorp, who via YouTube have declared their intentions to shut Pokémon GO down on the 1st of August.


The tweet you see above is where the story first started with @PoodleCorp, their declaration that they were the real reason why the servers were out of action on Saturday, but they also tweeted this:


Why tweet that? Simple, to serve as a warning of what is to come. Saturday was simply a test, to show that @PoodleCorp (a hacker group that has banded together this summer to “cause chaos,” which includes members from Lizard Squad, aka @LizardLands) can take down the server and that they will again on the 1st of August, except this time they intend to take down Pokémon GO’s servers for a full 24 hours. Why do they want do this? Because they can and “because it’s fun.” And just in case you might feel I’m putting words in their mouth, here’s a video from YouTube, in which a representative from @PoodleCorp talks to @KEEMSTAR of DramaAlert, about everything we have covered already up until this point.

Now we wouldn’t ask you to believe this “threat” outright, because even now it is still circumstantial, but if you have any views, opinions or a reaction on what you have read and seen, why don’t you leave us a comment, so we can discuss it in further detail? And just in case anyone feels like saying “Well what does Niantic make of all this?” Honestly we don’t know, because we haven’t heard anything yet, but we of Miketendo64 are attempting to get in touch with Pokémon GO’s developers to get their full thoughts on the matter.



Source: @PoodleCorp (Twitter) & DramaAlert (YouTube)

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