So on Saturday, the “reason” why the servers were down, was because hacker group @PoodleCorp purposely targeted them, because you know, it had to be the hackers responsible and not the fact that 26 new countries saw the release of Pokémon GO (yes I was being sarcastic.) But the servers were also down for most of Sunday as well and another hacker group have claimed responsibility for the second attack.

This time the hackers in question are OurMine, a trio of teens who actually contacted TechCrunch to give them the scoop, so that way their claim and story was more credible and their story is this: The reason they have been hitting the servers with their Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, is because they want to show Niantic how susceptible the app is to an attack by hackers and that they want the company to contact them, so that they can teach them how to protect their game better. (Yes you are reading me correctly, the hackers who are “attacking” the servers want the developers behind Pokémon GO, to contact them and I say are because they will not cease their actions until Niantic do contact them.) Now at this point, some of you reading this may go “but I’m able to use it now,” well there are reports of those who can, in certain areas and a lot of reports coming of people who can’t. So you could just simply be lucky.

However this isn’t the only time we’ve heard about OurMine doing this, as they often target the Twitter accounts of celebrities and tech leaders, to demonstrate the weaknesses in their social media protection (most recently doing it to Jack Dorsey via Vine and Sundar Pichai via Quora,) and then offering their services at a price. (Nothing in life is really free, not even Pokémon G0.) So just how much do they charge? Anywhere between $30 and $5,000 dollars.

Now like we said in our article regarding the previous hack by @PoodleCorp, until this is verified or confirmed by Niantic, this should “extortionate hack” should only be consider as a rumour.


Source: @kateconger of TechCrunch

By Jack Longman

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