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Two new costumes have been revealed to be on their way to Super Mario Maker next week and it’s only Callie & Marie!

You may remember their discovery in the “make your own Mushroom Kingdom & build your own levels” game, came to light back in May, which was discovered by two dataminers, one of whom is NWPlayer123 (a name you may recognise, as she recently “admitted” to assisting with attempting to steal the Breath of the Wild demo from E3.) We have had to wait a long time for these girls to join their Splatoon compadres in Super Mario Maker and now we just have to wait until the 8th of July (confirmed date for North America.)


With a Splatfest, a third concert lined up this month in Paris, and the release of their own amiibo, it is a very Caliie & Marie world right now and if you are looking to add them to your very Super Mario Maker created world, you will need to beat the new event course twice, but if you can do it once, you can do it again. Below you can find footage of the girls in action.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)


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  • While I didn’t enjoy their design at first, they really grew on me. Also, I’m glad Mario Maker is still getting support by Nintendo.

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