With the Mythical Manaphy distribution set to end this Friday, you now have two more days to get Manaphy from the Nintendo Network, before the Mythical Pokémon is gone for good and when one Mythical distribution, another begins as next month we get to celebrate Summer with Shaymin!


Shaymin may not be the greatest of all Mythical Pokémon, but it certainly is the smallest when in its Land Forme, but its Sky Forme is something else and don’t we Poké fans know it as Sky Forme Shaymin charges into battle against Giratina in the Giratina and the Sky Warrior Pokémon movie.


This Mythical will be sticking around from the same length of time as the others, from the 1st until the 24th of July and just like Manaphy, Shaymin will be available from the Nintendo Network. As for moves, level & ability, the Lv.100 Shaymin has Natural Cure as its ability and the following moves:

Seed Flare



Energy Bubble

The process to get Shaymin is a very simple one as you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home, provided you have a working internet connection, a 3DS and a copy of either ORAS, or X&Y. But in case you are not quite sure how the process works, or need a reminder, you can find our guide below:


How to Receive your Shaymin:

-First turn on your device, load up the game and access Mystery Gift.

-Click “Receive Gift,” then “Get Via Internet.”

-You will be asked: “You will be connected to the Internet. Would you like to continue?” Click “Yes” to confirm.

-Once a gift has been found (Shaymin,) you will be asked: “Receive this Gift?” Click “Yes.”

-You will see a box saying “Receiving your gift… Don’t turn off power.”

-Gift will then be received along with the associated Wonder Card.  The card thanks you for playing Pokémon and tells you that you can pick up your gift from the delivery girl at any Pokémon Centre.

-Lastly, go to a Pokémon Centre of your choice, and speak to the delivery girl. She will then give you your Shaymin. (Whoooo!)


Should our guide not be clear enough and you feel you need further explanation, you could always use the link to the official Pokémon website and click on instructions:



But for the Normal-type Arceus distribution in August, you will need to receive a code from the same stores as the previous code distributions distribution stores. Below you will find a list of the previously known distributions points, but be advised they may be changed closer to the day as more details come to light.


Distribution Points:

  • Australia: EB Games – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Austria: GameStop – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Belgium: GameMania and FNAC Stores – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Canada: EB Games – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Denmark: BR Stores – From August 12tt to October 31st
  • Finland: BR Stores – From August 12tt to October 31st
  • France: Micromania – August 2nd to August 24th
  • Germany: GameStop – August 2nd to August 24th
  • Italy: GameStop – August 1st to August 24th
  • Netherlands: GameMania – August 2nd to August 24th
  • New Zealand: EB Games – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Norway: BR Stores – From August 12tt to August 31st
  • Poland: Available from the magazine “CDAction”
  • Portugal: FNAC Stores – From August 1st to August 24th
  • Spain: GAME– From August 1st to August 24th
  • Sweden: BR Stores – From August 12tt to October 31st
  • Switzerland: GameStop – From August 2nd to August 24th
  • United States: GameStop – From August 1st to August 24th
  • United Kingdom: GAME– From August 1st to August 24th


Still before Shaymin does make an appearance, we are also hosting a giveaway of our own concerning the Mythical Mew! For details on how you can enter the giveaway to snag Mew and a starter or two, be sure to click on the link below:



Source: Pokemon20.com

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