Once more Aonuma was speaking to Polygon and a couple on interesting things popped up, such as Aonuma hinting that the technology that we see present in Breath of the Wild, may also be one of the reasons why Hyrule has become corrupted.


That in itself is interesting, as I can see it applying to the Guardians, mechanised monsters that could have been built by the Sheikah, but then a few, if not all of them going rogue and helping the likes of Calamity Ganon to bring the world to ruin, but that is the one thing I am struggling with. I understand the technology has been heavily associated with the Sheikah and the Sheikah Slate possess the Sheikah eye on it, but even then, I find it a little hard to believe just yet that the Sheikah did create all of this. We’re talking about a race that has been living in their shadows since they first graced the world. It would be weird if they did come out and create all of this, when it’s just as likely they were given it, or stumbled upon it and made it their own. Don’t get me wrong, the Shadow Folk are clever, but clever enough to make all that we have seen on their own? No additional help involved?

But that’s enough about that for one day, instead its back to Aonuma and the other things he had to say during the chat, things such as voice-acting and the sci-fi element of Breath of the Wild. So what did he have to say? Direct quotes taken from his interview with Polygon can be after this paragraph, but essentially he went on to say that the game will not feature full on voice acting through-out Breath of the Wild, but only when voice acting does feel necessary to capture the scene and that Link will not be getting a voice of his own any time soon as the last thing Nintendo want to do is make Link speak and have him turn round and say something the player isn’t happy with and I couldn’t be any more over the moon about that. From what we saw from official footage and the trailer, the voice acting is beautifully done and just so. Would be interesting to see where it occurs next in the game.

“It’s really difficult to leave an impression on players with just text.”

“It’s not that I made everything voiced. But I have these moments where I want to leave impressions on users. I add a voice there.”

“If Link said something the user doesn’t agree with, that relationship between the user and Link would be lost that’s why I chose not to go with that.”


As for the sci-fi aspect to the game, Link waking up in the body of water, inside the Shrine of Resurrection was intended to stir a reaction with fans and enable them to pick up on the very futuristic feel the game. This is what Aonuma had to say on it:

“There is a little bit of a sci-fi element to it,” he said. “Link basically adventures through a ruined world. I wanted to add technology as the opposite side of that. I thought it would be interesting for Link to use technology to explore through this wild and ruined world. I figured that would add another layer to the game.”


As expected, there would be no spoilers and nothing about the game and its story, other than the bit about corrupted Hyrule, but it was still interesting nonetheless, so to take us out, here’s a video interview of Miyamoto on Breath of the Wild with GameInformer.

Source: Philip Kollar of Polygon & Game Informer (YouTube)


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