There really is no shortage of cats when it comes to Super Mario Maker and now we’ve got another one as both Kitty White (of Hello Kitty and costume number #147) and Melody White (of My Melody and costume number #147) have made themselves comfortable in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In an all-new event course, one you will have to complete twice by voyaging through the level via two different means, the latest two costumes can now be unlocked. Sure they’re not exactly Callie & Marie, but we’ll be seeing them soon enough, although actually they are as both Kitty White and Melody do have something of a following around this planet of ours, so the Sanrio characters must be doing something right to get their own, very easy level to beat! Still I’m waffling on, so if you haven’t tried the course for yourself yet, allow us to give you something of a taste. Below you will find the Japanese character trailer, course description and footage of the course in action thanks to GameXplain:

Hello Kitty & My Melody:

 Sanrio characters Kitty and Melody find themselves in the world of Super Mario! At first it seems like a fun place with the cute blocks shaped like apples and flowers.

But they’d better be careful, because there are dangers up ahead! Won’t you help them find their way safely to the course’s end?

Thanks to the new release of these costumes, we are now just two more costumes away from being able to complete yet another row of 10 Mystery costumes and as great as it would be for the next two to be the Squid Sisters, they could easily be anyone! (I’m not even sure if the Nintendo staff know who the next one is until it’s sprung on them a couple of days/a week beforehand.) But as soon as we know, we’ll be sure to let you know!


By Jack Longman

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