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It was only last month we saw the release of both Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard and already Guard has received its first update as patch 20160525 is out now and ready to be installed to change the game as we know it.


So just what kind of changes has this update brought with it? I could answer that in my own words, or I could just share the patch notes and since it is so much easier to do the latter, you can find them below:


  • Rank-Calculation Values have been Adjusted. (Rank-calculation values for all maps and all squad sizes have been adjusted.)
  • Abilities of Robots Deployed in Squads have been Adjusted. (The abilities of the following robots have been adjusted. Changes only apply to robots deployed in player-created squads as Robots appearing in the main missions and extra missions are not affected.)
  • Spec Upgrades: Snailblazer (Strength has been increased from 2 to 3.) Drill Hi-Ho (Speed has been increased by approx. 35%.) O.F. Unit (Speed has been increased by approx. 60%.) B.O.O. Unit (Chaos Points cost decreased from 10 to 9.)
  • Spec Downgrades: Jumprella (Combat Points cost increased from 2 to 3.) O.P. Unit (Speed of yellow form decreased by approx. 10%. Speed of red form decreased by approx. 20%.)
  • Squad Lifespan has been Extended. (Unused Squads were originally deleted from the server after 30 days but has now been changed to 60.) Previously, squads not accessed for 30 days were deleted from the server. This period has been extended to 60 days. This timer can be reset for a squad by updating that squad or accessing its records.
  • Replay-Data Lifespan has been Extended. (Data that was not accessed were originally deleted from the server after 20 days but has now been changed to 40.)


Be sure to let us know what you make of all these changes. Do you feel they have improved the overall experience or made it worse? We love to hear from you!


Source: @NE_Brian of Nintendo Everything

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