According to a new video uploaded today on YouTube, Litten’s & Popplio’s final evolved forms, secondary type can be uncovered on the official Japanese Pokémon site! And we have that video right here:

At first I was inclined to not hold any faith in what pdwinnall said but he certainly makes a compelling argument, which isn’t at all unexpected as his videos usually are very good and on the mark. Litten eventually becoming a Fire/Ground-type makes great sense, (becoming Fire/Rock would be more so, but great nonetheless,) just as Popplio eventually evolving into a Water/Fighting-type. I’m really hoping this really is the case because right now I’m picturing Litten on ending up as a fiery cat version of Swampert and Popplio becoming a water sea lion version of Infernape because that would certainly be a really interesting thing to bear witness to in a Pokémon game.

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Source: pdwinnall (YouTube)

By Jack Longman

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