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A new tie-in is on its way to Splatoon and being as how it is CoroCoro, the magazine can’t help but show of such a thing by posting photos of it!


In the magazine, which did not feature any Sun & Moon information, CoroCoro did post photos of three new pieces of gear emblazoned with the CoroCoro logo that are on their way to the game, which will come out sometime during the Summer. The new gear consists of a Splat Roller, which although comes with the regular stats of a Splat Roller, but comes with Splash Wall and Inkzooka. Then there’s an orange cap, which has a Damage Up ability and there will be an orange parka as well that comes with the Cold-Blooded ability.1

For a game which at the start of the year was to no longer get any new content, Splatoon has got some new content in the form of gear, an update, the new Callie & Marie amiibos that are due out in July, along with a revised palate edition of the Inkling Boy, Girl and Inkling amiibo. And then there’s the Sheldon’s Picks which already saw the first lot of weapons dispatched in March and the second set also due out some time during the Summer.


As soon as we get a date, we will be sure to share it here. But what do you think of the new CoroCoro gear? Is it something you’d wear into battle or are you happy with the gear you have already? Let us know!


Source: Jake of Nintendo Everything

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