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Written by: J.H. Longman

While we’re still waiting on the official announcement of the Sky Pop Costume for Super Mario Maker, Nintendo of Europe had a little announcement for us Maker fans, an announcement that has revealed not one, but three new costumes.

Trio Unlock.jpg

For Christmas day, December 25th you can expect to unlock Captain Toad by beating a special event course. Sure he is no Santa Mario costume, but it’s Captain Toad goddammit and with his arrival, we should be able to make plenty of new adventures just for him.

But he is not the only one to be making his way to us because on the 31st of December, two NES REMIX courses will also be coming to us, which provided you are able to beat them, you will be able to unlock both a Birdo and an ExciteBike costume. It is uncertain if the costumes will also be releasing elsewhere on these dates, or are just releasing in Europe first and then in other regions at a later date. More details are to follow.

But what a day it has been, first the new update with the Super Mario Bookmark and now this, aren’t we a spoilt bunch this Christmas.

But as always, the Miketendo64 team are here to keep you posted.


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