HURRAY!!! I have finally exhausted Expert Mode of the 100 Mario Challenge in Super Mario Maker. It certainly frustrating and time consuming I can tell you and after a grand total of a whopping 35 times, I no longer have to take on the monstrosities of Expert Mode ever again. Unless of course, Nintendo release more Mystery Mushrooms that can only be unlocked after completion of the 100 Mario Challenge for a diabolical second serving.


As we all know, Super Mario Maker is severely let down by 100 Mario Challenge (Expert Mode). The other two difficulties are properly proportioned by success rates & death ratios, but it falls flat on Expert mode as anything that is a little too hard for Normal mode to downright extreme falls into this difficulty. Now some levels are really challenging but fair and do make you feel like you have achieved something upon touching the goal post at the end of the course. However, Nintendo did not take into account the amount of Troll & insta-death levels that have been created by dreadfully dark souls that obviously have no interest in earning stars to up their ranking and course limit and feel that their sole purpose is to hinder your progress in collecting all the Mystery Mushroom costumes.


It doesn’t make it more challenging to get killed from the get go by a Thwomp or a Goomba poised on top of you, it makes it a worthless course that no one has any interest in playing. Invisible blocks placed right next to pits is another of my pet hates and the pit of death doors & pipes really get my goat. This does not make courses fun, it makes them a hogwash. I am no game developer so I wouldn’t have a clue into designing real top class levels but I am sure that to make levels challenging and more importantly to make players WANT to play your levels, you have to show them the proverbial carrot. If players can SEE where they have to go, they are more inclined to take the plunge and try to overcome the obstacle. Hiding ledges off screen is a fine example of ignoring this advice.


Every level of Super Mario doesn’t just through you in the deep end from the very start, it works you into it, giving you a sort of trial run to get a hang of a new mechanic or power-up, for example; Wall climbing, start the level with a simple wall climb section and then in the next section, work in some spikes, next work in fire bars, then add some saws. Feel free to add a mushroom or other power up to keep the player motivated. Nothing gives a player more drive than a small glimmer of hope in the form of a power-up to get them back into the game and continue on. These kinds of things can be found in a lot of levels in Super Mario Maker, the problem is the Troll levels & Insta-death far outnumber the well designed and proper challenging courses.


For those of you that are still trying to work you way through expert mode, be sure to take the following points into account.

  1. Complete the other Modes First! Make sure to fully finish Easy & Normal Mode first. I was given a nasty surprise when I found out that I had been unlocking some of the easy and normal Mystery Mushrooms whilst completing Expert Mode & I used my Amiibo to help minimize the amount of times I would have to do each mode.
  2. Rule Of 3. Probably the biggest piece of advice I can give you, if it takes more than 3 lives on a certain course of if you die within 3 seconds (or even 3 milliseconds) then skip the level. Trying to overcome such a level drains vital resources (Lives) and frustrates you more, causing you to make mistakes & lose more lives on something silly simple like jumping on a Goomba wrong (it happpens).
  3. Take your time. Rushing through a level will not help you complete it any quicker especially when the time is against you. You could miss jumps misjudge distances from enemies or worse. In levels in which you must run as fast as you can or are against a very short timer, they can be a worthwhile challenge for another day but right now it is costing you more lives than you can afford, so skip them if they can’t be done in time or have cost you three lives or more. For Short timer levels, unless you are close to the end of the level and know you can finish it in one more try, skip it as you will lose more lives in trying which could be better used on the next level.
  4. Avoid Troll & Insta-death levels. These are no fun in Expert mode and if you are killed as soon as the levels begins to play, either by a trampoline, Thwomp or other enemy or obstacle, then skip the level, another mean trick to look out for is invisible block near pits, if the level creator has done it once, he will do it again & again & again. these course are not worth the hassle in the 100 Mario Challenge and are better off being skipped.
  5. AMIIBO! Whether Financially or Chronically, this game is going to cost you. If you know what costumes you are missing and really can’t be asked to play Expert Mode for the Upteenth time to get it, then either call up a friend with that Amiibo or buy it yourself. Sometimes it is better to bite the bullet that listen to it ringing in your ear. And there is always the added extras in other games it can unlock, like racing suits in Mario Kart 8, Patterns In Yoshi’s Woolly World or train it up in Smash.
  6. Be Determined!  You will never beat Expert Mode until you try and Try & TRY! It is a long grueling road that does lead to satisfaction upon the completion of Expert Mode. The only downfall is when you get a character costume you could have done without, like a Animal Crossing character which you probably could of got with a few Dollars, Euros or Pounds upon purchasing the Amiibo cards.


Well Guys & Girls, that is all from me for now. Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the Comments Section Below. We are particularly interested in how many times it took you to complete Expert Mode to get all the costumes and if not, how many times you have done it so far! Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!


A Big Shout Out To Wizard Dojo for some of these images which I have “Borrowed.” He is also a big gamer like myself so be sure to check out his website as well at:

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