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Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

I’m going to be honest, I’ve done it too, constantly going online hoping to find newly released Nintendo news regarding Zelda U, but it’s dawned on me, what if we already got it? What if the Zelda U we are waiting for, is meant to be the second new Zelda game we get on the Wii U and that Wind Waker HD wasn’t the first? After all Nintendo Land may be the title on the box but one of the eight attractions is Entitled: Legend of Zelda Battle Quest. What if this was the secret wink Nintendo thought only themselves would know about, as this is a great way of giving us two Zelda games without us ever knowing about it?

Sure it is a crazy concept, but have you not met Nintendo? they monopolize on the crazy and I honestly wouldn’t put this pass them until they themselves come out and say for certain No! “No this wasn’t the first Zelda U game.” So until then, why not play with that idea a little bit, that Battle Quest is a Zelda title? Why try to skip over it and sweep it under the rug with the Zelda CD-I games, trying to fool ourselves that they don’t exist and serve no use to the actual series whatsoever? Would you treat Hyrule Warriors the same way? No because is a great game and so many before playing it, were saying how they felt it was going to be a let down and drag the Zelda franchise down a peg or two, instead it was well loved and is now being released on the 3DS as Hyrule Warriors Legends. And you know what, Zelda Battle Quest is a good game, even without a story and why does it not need a story, because it’s Zelda, we already know the story.

I’ll admit, Battle Quest is a non-canon game. Yes it may not be the largest game in the world as it’s a mini-game within a game, made up of nine levels and five bonus levels.  And sure the main hero isn’t even Link, but your Mii and if joined by friends, their Miis, all in the garb of the Hero, going from green, blue, red and purple, well that’s Four Swords, if one of them decided to ditch the sword and charge into battle with a bow and an endless supply of arrows. Plus it may not have Princess Zelda, but it does have the Triforce, Boss Battle and final Boss Battle against Ganon in beast form and the Master Sword. It even has a Master quest mode, what more could you ask for.

But bowing down to Logic, it may not be a REAL Legend of Zelda game, but you know what? With its new and interesting style, which as I have said before, may have actually inspired Woolly, it’s a pretty good go at a game, shame there wasn’t more it. And so what if Zelda U is still in development and now not looking to even have its name revealed until next year, it is going to be a game that is more than worth the wait and it’s not like we haven’t had other games to play in the time being. We do have Wind Waker, we do have Hyrule Warriors and we have Battle Quest, so that’s plenty of options to get your Wii U Zelda fix for the time being, even if it is just to sustain you until October, because then Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes is out, ready to keep us busy until Zelda U. Unless of course you are like me and don’t have a 3DS, well then I guess it is time we brought one. After all A Link Between Worlds, Ocarina HD and Majora’s Mask, there is plenty of choice right there and don’t forget the eshop has other Zelda titles available too.

So while I leave you with that, I am off to go get my sewn Link on because I have the desire to get woolly a little more and you know what, I might just write a review about it. Who am I kidding, of course I am?

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!

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