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I look forward to to seeing what more can dig up on Amiibo over the next few weeks. I will definitely be eager to find out what he learns over the next few weeks

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For the next few weeks, I am going to be posting an amiibo mini-series covering a more in-depth look at the phenomena that are amiibo. When the Wii U was first introduced, the unique aspects are the new system were very intriguing. One such aspect of the Wii U was the NFC functionality that Nintendo promised would be utilized. However, at launch, there was little by way of details on how the NFC built into the Gamepad would actually be used. We did see some concepts in a pre-launch “leaked” video that showed off “new tech” for the then-exclusive Rayman Legends.

Since then, we have gotten to see an evolution of the Gamepad and the eventual release Nintendo's Strengthsof several waves of amiibo with several more already announced. These figures have come to the market, and taken it by storm. Many fans, have developed a love-hate relationship with amiibo for reasons of their own…

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Pokemon Shuffle Available On iOS And Android In The West Today

I think as the game for itself works well as a mobile game as it already has that aspect to it. Nintendo going mobile would also help boost the company further as there are many people nowadays who are not gamers per se but have become engrossed in the “free’ & “freemium” mobile games available. This move to mobile will most definitely work in Nintendo’s favour as it could potentially entice mobile gamers towards Nintendo’s own hardware i.e the 3DS or better yet, the Wii U. I find this to be a very coy move on Nintendo’s part and sincerely hope that this tactic works well for them.

Source: Pokemon Shuffle Available On iOS And Android In The West Today

Co-Op Gaming In Couples

After reading an article posted by a fellow WordPress Blogger it had inspired me to follow up with my own blog post and that is on the subject of Gaming with your partner. The original post was that he has just bought a Wii U to entice his non-gamer girlfriend into the world of videogames and was asking what kind of games would be a good starter to help coax her into the bosom of the videogame universe. Now as we all know that though the Wii U itself is seriously underrated and undervalued yet it has a huge catalogue and back catalogue of fantastic game titles stretching from both the Wii U and the Wii and that it’s persistence in local multiplayer is still a must have in this day and age as it was in every generation that preceded. Nintendo has always been a family orientated game development company, Hell in Japan the original NES was known as the Famicom AKA the Family Computer. And to date Nintendo still develop games centered around that very aspect, Family. So what better way to entice someone into the world of videogames, be it a loved one or a friend, than with the family favourite that is Nintendo.

2015-01-07 13.58.49

As a Wii U owner myself, My girlfriend and I play a lot of Mario Kart 8, I also own Mario Party 10 which to be honest is not as bad as the reviews make out (I have never played a Mario Party game before on a home console so this is my first). The reviews seem to look down on the “group car” mechanics, but the mini-games themselves are very fun but can be a little too short sometimes. More to the point I find that it is important to know what kind of stuff does your partner likes? If they likes action movies for example then try a shoot ’em up, if it is exploration and fun, try Super Mario 3D World (For example, my girlfriend loves the Rabbids from the Rayman Series, So I got Rabbid’s Land for the Wii U). I have played these games with my girlfriend and and it is great for non-competitive co-op. Competitive multiplayer can be troublesome especially if they are better at the game than you are, but also it is harder to shake off frustration and defeat when you live with that very person. However you can always kiss and make up, just bear in mind that girls can bear a grudge much longer than guys do. Fun and friendly co-op games are best for enticement as you both generally leave the experience happy and satisfied.

If you are serious about enlisting your partner into the ranks of the Videogamer’s Brigade, it is best to leave single player games until much later in the whole gaming ritual. After all, if you are successful in luring your partner into the world of videogames, beware that it can sometimes bite you on the backside as they may turn out to be bigger Gamers than you are and you will never get a chance to play your favourite games again unless you want to fork out for another TV and games console. In a sense, be careful what you wish for as it sometimes becomes the very thing that irks us.

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A Massive Special for a Massive Game!

I wouldn’t be able to do the game justice with a news post especially on the vast importance this game has to its fans, as I have never played a Xenoblade Chronicles game, So I will let do the honours

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During PAX Prime 2015, Nintendo of America held a full-on panel to discuss many of the aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles X which will be released in North America on December 4. Although the panel was focused mainly on concepts and such, we were able to get some incredible details that many fans have been anticipating for quite some time, now!

For players in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles X has been available for several months now, but North American players have been waiting until the localization is completed. With about 3 more months to go, the wait has been pretty painful. Saturday evening’s XCX panel has been a very welcome relief, though.

Earlier this month, Nintendo of America informed fans that the game would be launching with a unique Special Edition, but more details would come later. Well, later has finally arrived, and it looks fantastic!

Launching alongside the standalone version of massive Wii U

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Nintendo Inspired Youtube Videos By AndrewMFilms

A Youtube video  featuring Nintendo Favourites Princess Peach & Princess Zelda duking it out in a Live-Action ‘Smash Bros’ type fight has proven to be quite popular and within just 5 days has over 329,000 views. Created by Youtuber AndrewMFilms who also created another little gem nearly a year ago which pits Super Mario against Steve from Minecraft, has recreated a a visually stunning video with appealing special effects, fluid choreography and the some of the most accurate looking costumes I have seen in a while (and the actresses aren’t bad to look at either). Both videos can be viewed here or directly from Andrew’s Youtube Channel

Nostalgia Trip: Starfox

I will put my hands up, I have only ever played a #Starfox game once and that was on the #SNES but I am looking forward to what Starfox Zero has to offer and to read what this guy has to say about Starfox, well. the game has Uniqueness & Nostalgia down to a Tee!

Stark Gaming Industry

Hello Gamers!  Welcome to the Stark Gaming Industry, where gaming isn’t a pastime, it’s a way of life.

Lately I’ve had some of my childhood games on my mind and I thought I’d share a little bit of my gaming past.  Usually with gamers there’s a few games that they’ve played and those games are the ones that got them hooked.  The games I’ve heard of most are the Zelda or Metroid series, but I could never get into those early fantasy games.  Instead, one of my favorite games to this day is Starfox 64, I still have a copy and play it on the Nintendo 64.  When it came out it was such a new concept and while it was weird that a Fox, rabbit, bird, and frog would be the main characters of a space game, it was oh-so unique.  I remember going to the local video rental…

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Satoru Iwata and his legacy: What it means to me

The Nintendo Objective

The last few months have been dramatic for gamers, especially Nintendo fans. We had E3 and all it’s announcements, the success of Splatoon, and the drama surrounding Devil’s Third. Suddenly, all that was cut short by the tragic and untimely passing of Satoru Iwata. I want to have an open exploration of my [quite likely] imperfect thoughts on everything that’s happened over the last several weeks, especially Mr. Iwata.

I, by and large, am a fan of Satoru Iwata’s ethos and actions as President of Nintendo. He was a generous man who put a face on the company and revamped its image for the better. Most importantly, he successfully navigated Nintendo through an industry in a state of flux, finding the right balance of innovation and tradition to put Nintendo in a healthier, and more artistically rewarding, position than much of the industry.

Satoru Iwata had an interesting perspective, as he once used to create games himself Satoru Iwata had an interesting…

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Getting Hyped For Super Mario Maker

I am seriously hyped as in little over two weeks we will all be blessed with the arrival of Super Mario Maker for Wii U. Before watching this video on #Youtube, I was excited but after watching it, I am even more so. The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is one’s own imagination. From creating your own levels to playing levels that have been created by others all around the world, To using your #amiibo to create new costumes for Mario. Chaining baddies together to make even more formidable foes. The game is an immense mind blower. I am also quite glad that the game has a warm-up period unlocking new features everyday as you play which in my mind is great, I would feel pretty overwhelmed with having all features available at once without any knowledge or experience of putting a level together. At least this way you can start basic and improve on your levels as you develop you Mario Maker Skills. How do you guys & girls feel about this amazing game? Those of you that own a Wii U, have you added it to your wishlist and Non-Wii U owners, Is this game reason enough to bite the bullet and get a Wii U? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Star Fox Zero & Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Gets November European Release!

That’s Right Folks! it seems that us lucky boys and girls in Europe will be blessed with the release of the newest installment to the #Starfox series and also Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U on November 20th! The release date has been confirmed by Nintendo of Europe and the evidence can be seen on their Twitter Thread.

If you think that is good news, you will also be pleased to know the official box-art has been revealed as well and looks amazing and seems to support amiibo functionality judging by the Amiibo Logo seen in the almost top-right corner.

As a side note Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released December 4th and a Mega Yarn Yoshi #Amiibo will be released November 27 in Europe and Nov 15 in the US, functionality of this new amiibo seems to remain the same as it’s smaller counterparts as it brings in a second Yoshi to help in the game, though maybe we will get lucky in that this mega Yoshi will summon up a similar “Mega Yoshi” in the game.


In par with this post, here are the release dates for the next waves of #SmashBros #Amiibos which brings us Falco from the Star Fox Series. The next waves also includes retro characters like Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Duo, R.O.B, and also the Mii Fighters. Mewtwo on the other hand will get released beforehand in Europe and will be hitting stores October 23rd and the US about three weeks later on November 13th.

Pokken Tournament To Be Released Worldwide In Spring 2016

For those of you who love Pokemon and own a Wii U, you will be ecstatic to know that “Pokken Tournament will be released worldwide next year in the Spring. Now I will confess I was a Pokemon fan in my early years and have found memories of playing Pokemon Red via Transfer Pak on Pokemon Stadium on the N64 and have not really played Pokemon since except Pokemon Rumble U occasionally. I am however, after viewing this video, very excited to see this game come into fruition. Featuring both classic characters like Pikachu & Charizard to some of the Newer ones like Lucario but that isn’t all, the Graphics and the Gameplay look immense and I will certainly be more interested to know more about the game as more details unfold. Attached below is a Trailer for Pokken Tournament via Youtube. check it out and see for yourself just how awesome it is!

A Look At The New Amiibo Costumes In Super Mario Maker

Here is a Video on Youtube showing a fair number of the unlockable costumes to enjoy in Super Mario Maker. From Luigi to Peach, Wario to Kirby, Megaman and Pacman and even the Pokemon get an appearance as a wearable costume so the Pikachu and Charizard amiibo will finally have another use outside of Super Smash Bros! I was hoping they would unlock some cool outfits on Mario Kart but Pikachu has not had that opportunity yet, at least he will get a chance in Super Mario Maker. Take a look at the video below!

Youtube Video by; Midwest Professor 

Thanks, Chris Pranger

Thanks, Chris Pranger.

Lego and Legend of Zelda fan recreates the Hyrule Castle in Lego form

I always loved lego as a kid and The Legend Of Zelda still but to see both words collide in what I can only call a “True” piece of art, it is a wonder what can really be achieved with a little imagination and a lot of determination. Good on you Joseph Zawada!


castle 1

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, which a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fan has proven brick by enchanting brick. His epic Lego construction that recreates Hyrule Castle was recently on display at Brickfair Virginia, one of the world’s largest Lego conventions. The massive scale and attention to detail will really grab the attention of Zelda fans and leave them begging the question, how exactly did he make the tower turret roofs?

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Rare Replay

Oh! How I wish this was on the Nintendo instead, it pains me to know that I can never play some of these fantastic games on My Nintendo Wii U. I have never been an Xbox fan and I don’t plan on being one anytime soon. The Xboxers are in for a treat as some of these titles including Banjo-Kazooie Perfect Dark & Conker’s Bad Fur Day were absolutely brilliant games and a true mark of achievement for a small British Games Development company.

Five Dollar Gamer


You guys. THIS is how you do a compilation disc. Rare Replay for the Xbox One is a collection of 30 classic games made by video gave developer, Rare. The games range from arcade classics, like Jetpac, all the way to 360 hits like Viva Pinata and Kameo: Elements of Power. I just wanted to spotlight some of the games and features I enjoyed the most.

Favorite Game:  R.C. Pro-Am. 


This is a game I’ve been playing since I was a kid. It is such a blast to play. Taking the radio-controlled car around the track while collecting power-ups and blasting your opponents with rockets never gets old. Even before Rare Replay this was a game I revisited every so often. But some of the added features (which I will talk about momentarily) make this the definitive version.

Favorite Feature:  Snapshots


Snapshots are bite-sized challenges tasking you with accomplishing certain…

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Splatoon Testfire splats back

Haven’t picked up a copy of Splatoon Yet? Have no fear as you can try it out again before you do as Nintendo are bringing back the Splatoon Global Testfire for a whole 7 days from this Saturday to next Friday in Europe & North America!