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After reading an article posted by a fellow WordPress Blogger it had inspired me to follow up with my own blog post and that is on the subject of Gaming with your partner. The original post was that he has just bought a Wii U to entice his non-gamer girlfriend into the world of videogames and was asking what kind of games would be a good starter to help coax her into the bosom of the videogame universe. Now as we all know that though the Wii U itself is seriously underrated and undervalued yet it has a huge catalogue and back catalogue of fantastic game titles stretching from both the Wii U and the Wii and that it’s persistence in local multiplayer is still a must have in this day and age as it was in every generation that preceded. Nintendo has always been a family orientated game development company, Hell in Japan the original NES was known as the Famicom AKA the Family Computer. And to date Nintendo still develop games centered around that very aspect, Family. So what better way to entice someone into the world of videogames, be it a loved one or a friend, than with the family favourite that is Nintendo.

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As a Wii U owner myself, My girlfriend and I play a lot of Mario Kart 8, I also own Mario Party 10 which to be honest is not as bad as the reviews make out (I have never played a Mario Party game before on a home console so this is my first). The reviews seem to look down on the “group car” mechanics, but the mini-games themselves are very fun but can be a little too short sometimes. More to the point I find that it is important to know what kind of stuff does your partner likes? If they likes action movies for example then try a shoot ’em up, if it is exploration and fun, try Super Mario 3D World (For example, my girlfriend loves the Rabbids from the Rayman Series, So I got Rabbid’s Land for the Wii U). I have played these games with my girlfriend and and it is great for non-competitive co-op. Competitive multiplayer can be troublesome especially if they are better at the game than you are, but also it is harder to shake off frustration and defeat when you live with that very person. However you can always kiss and make up, just bear in mind that girls can bear a grudge much longer than guys do. Fun and friendly co-op games are best for enticement as you both generally leave the experience happy and satisfied.

If you are serious about enlisting your partner into the ranks of the Videogamer’s Brigade, it is best to leave single player games until much later in the whole gaming ritual. After all, if you are successful in luring your partner into the world of videogames, beware that it can sometimes bite you on the backside as they may turn out to be bigger Gamers than you are and you will never get a chance to play your favourite games again unless you want to fork out for another TV and games console. In a sense, be careful what you wish for as it sometimes becomes the very thing that irks us.

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